Call Center Guerrilla 3: Advanced Guide for Outbound Agents

Call Center Guerrilla 3: Advanced Guide for Outbound Agents

Polite persistence differentiates the most successful outbound call center professionals from the amateur.

In the last article, we discussed the basic strategies and tactics you can use to become a successful outbound call center professional. Today we will look at the different tools used to crack even the most uninterested prospects. If you want to become a successful outbound call center professional – you have to remember two things. Be persistent. Be polite.
Many outbound calls end in disaster because the caller did not have the patience or was not polite enough to the prospect. Being persistent and polite may seem very simple, but in reality it is really hard to apply these principles in the high pressure environment of outbound sales. Using the above mentioned principles, here are some tips you can use to crack even the most difficult prospects:
Listen carefully to what your prospects say and explain anything that is not clear.
Ask them to elaborate by using prompts such as “ok,” “mmm-hmm,” and “what else?”
Use terms they can understand,
avoiding the use of jargon they may not recognize.
Avoid drawing prospects into a long-winded discussion of what you can offer them until you thoroughly understand what they want or what they need. Use probes to gather this information and avoid being too assumptive of what they need.
Recognize that objections are a natural part of the process
It is common for a customer to express several objections before they make the final commitment to purchase. Never take these objections personally and do not assume that it means the other person is not interested. Understand that your prospect will likely have specific concerns about making a decision.
Hint for the sale.
The goal here is you do not pressure your prospects into making a decision, so they will not be offended by your request. Be subtle, have the confidence to ask for the sale many times within the call (the worst that they can do is say “no”).
Be polite.
Many prospects want to be given permission to make a decision and look to the caller for that permission. Again, never assume too much, as the maxim goes: “To assume too much equates to making an ass of you and me” To sum it up – Polite persistence differentiates the most successful outbound call center professionals from the amateur. They are not afraid of rejection, and don’t give up at the first sign of resistance. They know when to stop. (No one really likes annoying callers). Hope this helps you in getting more sales. The final installment of this series will cover The Zen of Call Center Success.


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