Fb Pixel Call Center Tip: Live Your Ad Tagline

Call Center Tip: Live Your Ad Tagline

Have you ever come across the phrase “practice what you preach”? It essentially means that one should not just talk about and advocate certain values. Instead, one should live those values each and every day. How would you believe someone who preaches about the ills of smoking, for instance, when he is a chain smoker himself?

The same can be said about advertising one’s business. What good is there in spending millions of dollars trying to package your health and wellness spa, if you your employees don’t practice healthy habits? If you want your Tire Boy wheel and tire shop to be known as “putting the customer first”, the best way is to live the customer service mantra.

One way to go is to train your inbound call center staff to live and breathe customer care. No matter what their position is in the enterprise, allow them to touch base with customers and serve them—with the goal of  customer satisfaction. Another way to go is to make each one “put themselves in their customers’ shoes”. This way, they know how it feels if they were mistreated, for example.

And you can take customer care to the max by having your very own customer service call center—one that reflects your culture of service. It’s about answering calls promptly, being polite, quickly responding to customer concerns, and treating customers as friends.

Want to tell customers that your care for them? Go ahead, live that advertising tagline.

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