Fb Pixel Caring for Customers in Need—Even if They Aren’t Yours

Caring For Customers In Need—Even If They Aren’t Yours

Caring For Customers In Need—Even If They Aren’t Yours

kittensPicture this: one day, a customer, Mr. Smith, calls up your customer care hotline to inquire if he can have his watch serviced at your store. He is well aware that you’re a dealer of a competing brand, yet he explains that he likewise knows that you have a service center. Moreover, he is desperate because his watch dealer won’t accept the job for some strange reason. What do you do then?

Normally, many a manufacturer wouldn’t give such a customer the light of day simply because it isn’t their problem. However, have you ever considered that such a scenario might just be a great customer service opportunity? Yes folks, solving a problem that isn’t your fault can be a great way to win over clients—especially new ones.

For one thing, helping out someone in need is simply the right thing to do. Well-known customer service guru Shep Hyken even said so when he uttered, “The customer’s problem may not be our fault, but it is still our problem to solve. (Isn’t that what the best companies do?)”

Looking at this from a business point of view, such a move can actually win you brownie points with clients. Imagine the dismay Mr. Smith must have felt upon learning that his vendor won’t help him out. Moreover, try to feel how he must have felt when he heard that you—a total stranger—would accept his plight. That’s priceless.

Accepting responsibility for such concerns shows that you will go above and beyond the call of duty to help out any client—even if they aren’t your own. This shows that if you can do work for outside customers, what more so for your own clientele? And this is what promotes client confidence.

So go ahead and accept the job. Not only is it an excellent form of customer service. It can definitely bring your business to the top.

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