December 26, 2012

Being Customer-centric Is Easy, Thanks to Your Call Center

As fun as the holidays are for most folks, let’s face it—all this rush-rush has its downsides. Apart from finding themselves tired out from all the […]
December 18, 2012

Treat Your Customers With The Help of Your Friendly Call Center

We all love “holiday treats”. Whether it’s a simple discount on that Thanksgiving Turkey, or a huge flat screen TV won at a raffle, it’s always […]
December 17, 2012

Be Customer-Focused – In The Name of Call Center Holiday Spirit

The greetings say it all: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas! In other words, the season is all about cheer, hope, and goodwill. As a business owner, you, […]
December 10, 2012

Some Holiday Budget-Saving Tips—Brought to You by Your Friendly Call Center

We all look for ways to save money. Some housewives, for instance, practice “couponing” to save on grocery bills. And almost everyone usually tries to get […]