Channeling Your Feedback

“Speaking our mind” will never be the same again. Giving one’s feedback about a certain photo on Facebook, for instance, is now a simple comment away. In fact, folks who don’t like typing can simply “like” the photo. Or, you can send a private message, if you’re the “discreet type”. Any way you look at it, you can give your feedback any which way you choose.

The same goes for business. Your growing pizza chain, for instance, should be a little more mindful of your customers as they can easily say what’s on their mind. In fact, they can do this through quite a number of “feedback channels” that are at their disposal. So where should you be “listening”, you ask?

The best place to start is through your very own customer service call center. Apart from the one at your store, your call center hotline is another good place to gather feedback about your pizzas, retail products, clothing, or your restaurant.

Apart from giving out “feedback forms” and asking them how their meat lover’s thin crust special was, you might want to try setting up your own Facebook fan page. Here, you not only get some media mileage, you likewise get the “pulse” of the people based on what they’re posting on your wall. More importantly, you can instantly connect with your customers and know their feedback in real-time! In addition, you can read different blogs as they might say something about your cooking or your service as well.

So, what’s on your mind? Do you “like”?


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