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The Many Advantages Of Hiring Professional Filipino Order Takers

The Many Advantages Of Hiring Professional Filipino Order Takers


The BPO industry offers various outsourcing services and order taking is an inbound service offered by the Philippine contact center industry. The service of order takers vary from one industry to another. Order takers are the people who interact with the customers over the phone. Their main duty is to handle calls and accept requests and queries. It is some sort of customer service, yet it requires skills and knowledge in handling customers’ calls.This inbound service plays a significant role in businesses accepting orders from customers. Nowadays, most people rely on online shopping because of its convenience. However, hiring in-house staff to handle the task does not guarantee that the job would be done well. The good thing about outsourcing the order taking job is that you can ensure that the call center agent will handle the calls and orders 24/7 even you are sleeping.The Philippine BPO industry ensures that it will provide services to any type of business – both local and abroad. By providing order taking service, it helps businesses in enhancing sales orders. A good call from a customer would mean healthy profits. That is why it is important to hire an agent who can deliver the job in a customer-friendly manner. It does not necessarily mean persuading the customer to buy the product; instead the agent should give assurance that the company can deliver the product at the agreed time.

Conversing with an engaging agent can entice and convince the customer to place an order. This will not only increase the sales but also can lead to long-term relationships. Thus, outsourcing this inbound service is a smart move that is ideal for both small and large businesses. One of the mistakes that some business owners do is using an automated order taking machine or system. If you want to attract customers to your business, see to it that you hire real people to do the job.

Integrating order taking services into your business provides tremendous results. As long as you find the best agent to represent your business and promote the products effectively, you can expect that your business will gain good returns. That is why it is important that the call center representative knows your business well so that he or she can promote the product very well and it will be easier to convince the customers. It will also be easy for the agent to answer any questions as he or she is already familiar with it.

Being a call center agent is one of the job opportunities in the Philippines. In fact, most college graduates are applying for a job in contact centers because they know that they will earn more. There are different jobs available and one of them is inbound taking orders. This is very important to a business to ensure that calls from customers should be responded to immediately particularly when customers are placing orders. Otherwise, if calls are missed, opportunities are also lost.

There are instances in which orders outpour in volume during busy hours and peak seasons. An in-house staff may not accommodate all the calls, thus outsourcing the job to a contact center is the best option. This will not only help in growing your business but also in leveraging customer service.

If you are interested to seek this inbound service, the first thing to do is to inquire from the BPO industry in the Philippines to know the services they offer. This will help in comparing the different services and the rates offered by different contact center firms. The cost of outsourcing services is expensive, but it is worthy in the long run. Nevertheless, it is cheaper as compared to hiring an in-house staff to handle the calls.

Additionally, outsourcing services spare you from buying equipment that will be used in answering calls from customers. The call center has high-end infrastructure and technology which is used by agents in answering calls and taking orders. That is why it is not only useful in growing the business but also in extending the business’ hours of operation.

Job responsibilities of an order taker

Philippine-based professional order takers are more preferred by foreign clients as compared to other countries’ contact center firms. However, it is important to know that the main job description is related to sales but not the actual selling. Thus, makes the difference of an order taker from a salesperson. Likewise, order takers from a call center are important tools to obtain unlimited sales opportunities.

Contact center order takers serve as live operators for customer service. It is the responsibility of the order taker to handle product and service inquiries from customers. It also serves as a virtual sales staff who is responsible for taking and answering inbound call traffic. They are also responsible for doing up-selling and cross-selling. As the service is internet-enabled, the order taker can also process credit card payments made by customers. This makes placing and paying for orders more convenient.

It is good to hire order takers from Magellan Solutions Outsourcing because they know all about the job. They can give comprehensive sales service and send the requested forms of the customers in a timely manner. Another job responsibility of an order taker is to ensure that the customer data and account are secure and are given the utmost importance. This makes the BPO industry in the country to be on top as compared to other countries’ services because this country’s BPO industry employs an advanced security network.

If you are planning to outsource order taking service in the Philippines, choose a firm that maintains payment security standards. This way, you can ensure that the delicate information of any customer’s account will remain confidential. Hiring order takers from the Philippines is more advantageous because they can serve any foreign-speaking market as they can speak many languages. This can help in satisfying the customers and, at the same time, broaden the client’s base.

Small businesses can enjoy great benefits from order taking services

Order taking services are not only for large businesses. It is because even small businesses need to invest in outsourcing such service in order to improve returns. The major impact of outsourcing services is not only reduction of costs. Customer service is improved knowing that professional and efficient call center agents are handling the job. Keep in mind that handling customers properly provides bigger chances to have them go with a transaction and thus generate more revenue for you.

Any size of business involved in offering consumer goods should invest in taking such a service. Agents have the capability of taking more calls ensuring that there will be no call missed. This means making money and increasing the revenue. Likewise, this is a smart move because customers who want to inquire from your business will be dealing with live people. Real interaction would give higher sales. It would also be the best way to obtain instant feedback. The good thing about outsourcing order taking services is that it can be customized according to the needs of the company.

On the other hand, if you want your sales to soar, make sure to hire well-trained order takers. The agent should be efficient in answering questions thrown by customers, otherwise customers will be disappointed. The efficiency of the order taker determines the success of the sales campaign by generating more up-sells as well as cross-sells. It is expensive to outsource this service but it is worthy once you find a well-trained agent to do the job.

With the advent of the internet, many people prefer buying things online. This is true especially for those people who are working and constantly busy and do not have the time to shop physically and pick up any orders. That is why most online businesses are hiring order taking services to accommodate inquiries and orders anytime of the day. This makes shopping more convenient and really works best particularly for drop shipping vendors.

Indeed, the services of the call center are helpful to any type and size of business. Whether your business needs inbound or outbound services, the Philippine contact center industry can help you. However, the business owner should know if the business needs to seek the services from call centers. The first thing to do is to know the status of the service being provided. Apparently, every business should be keen on keeping the quality of customer service up as it will reflect the credibility of the business.

Inbound services have become quite the popular service

There are different services that call centers offer and the one commonly taken is the inbound service particularly the order taking service. This inbound service ensures and helps business owners by making sure that all incoming calls – either inquiry or placing an order – are well attended to. Likewise, no call is possibly missed because the service is employed 24/7 even if the business owner is sleeping or out of town. Although it is expensive to outsource services, the result is worthwhile. And it is going to be a good investment in the long run.

The cost of the services varies according to the length of hours of the business operation. Obviously, if you want to ensure that the service is open all the time. Then you should expect paying more. There are plenty of call center firms in the Philippines offering outsourcing services and it is important to choose the one that is credible and reliable in terms of agents and services. This way, you can ensure that your hard-earned money is not wasted.

The demand for outsourcing services is increasing day by day. That is why being an agent in a call center is the in-demand work in the Philippines. Perhaps, this is the reason why the BPO industry is also considering recruiting agents that are home-based. In fact, many businesses prefer to hire home-based agents due to its flexibility to handle the job when in peak needs. Just like call center representatives working in contact center settings, home-based agents are also armed with the appropriate infrastructure when it comes to resources and processes.

Finding the right outsourcing firm gives the possibility of getting the returns in an efficient way and are less costly. That is why before signing a contract with the center, make sure to check how they provide services to their clients. Indeed, the Philippines remains competitive in the BPO industry. It is not only the quality of professionalism that makes Filipino agents competitive but also their flexibility to multi-task without compromising the quality of the service.

That is why anyone seeking call center jobs should not only expect for a higher and more attractive compensation. Instead, it is important that you identify if you have the capability to render the job the way that the clients expect. If you will be hired as an order taker, make sure that you are knowledgeable about the product or service that you will promote and market. This way, if a customer is interested to buy the product, you can easily convince him or her.

Additionally, an agent assigned to take orders should be able to communicate using different languages. Keep in mind that there are instances that foreign customers may inquire about the product. If the agent is not bilingual, most likely problems in communication may affect the business. How can you convince foreign customers to buy the product if the agent is unable to communicate efficiently?

On the other hand, the communication issue is not a big deal because contact center agents in the Philippines are trained specifically about the job that they will be handling. That is why Filipino call center representatives are preferred by foreign clients because they know that these agents are fluent in speaking English and even other languages. The good thing about the call center in the Philippines is that they have available jobs to anyone according to the educational and work experience.

The call center is the most popular venue to find a job for fresh graduates, yet they simply consider it as a stepping stone and not a full career. Likewise, even undergraduates can find a job in this industry as long as he or she possesses the qualification needed of an agent. The proficiency and competency of agents has made the industry to boom and make it popular even to foreign companies. Therefore, outsourcing order taking services from Philippine-based call centers is a smart idea if you want to improve the quality of customer service and drive more customers to your business.

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