Customer service activities that you should consider to outsource

Customer service activities that you should consider to outsource

outsource customer service

outsource customer service

The proven benefits of outsourcing have encouraged companies of different sizes and from varying industries to delegate their routine tasks to freelancers, contractors, call centers and BPOs. From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, outsourcing has paved the way for them to cut back on costs and focus their resources on their other key operations.

Customer service is just one of the many areas of business that can be outsourced. Activities that fall under customer service are usually routinary but demand a great deal of patience and people skills. Examples of these are reservations, order-taking, e-commerce order fulfillment, and sales verification.

Rutherford Publishing, Inc.’s article, “Knowing When to Outsource” published in, supports the idea that customer service activities should be outsourced because they are routinary jobs that take up valuable time and energy and they are not, in essence, enjoyable. Below are the list of customer service activities that you might want to consider outsourcing:

      Reservations – from hotel rooms to tables in fine dining restaurants, reservations is a crucial customer service process. Reservation agents serve as frontliners and could very well be the first point of contact of the customer with the company. Aside from merely booking and reserving, agents are also expected to know sales techniques such as upselling and cross-selling to increase business revenue and provide a better customer service experience. Training an in-house team of reservation agents will take up time and financial resources that you could devote elsewhere.

      Order-taking – fast food restaurants and businesses offering home delivery service greatly depend on their order-taking agents. These agents are tasked to converse with the customer with the intent to purchase the company’s product(s), record them accurately and forward to the order-processing unit. Similar to the reservation agents, order-takers are trained to always suggest to the customer to add to their purchase or make an upgrade. Outsourcing this job to people with innate customer service skills is a win-win solution: you have less overhead expenses while providing an income-generating activity for professionals who don’t mind doing a repetitive task.

      E-commerce order fulfillment – online stores rely on e-commerce order fulfillment providers to ensure that their customers happily receive their ordered products on time and as requested. There are many processes involved in this procedure, from receiving the products from the supplier(s), inventory, storage, order-processing, shipping, and returns processing. Outsourcing their e-commerce order fulfillment will help online sellers focus on making their product stand out in the crowded online marketplace. This back-office procedure should be delegated to the professionals who know the ins and outs of this process so you can devote your energies to building your customer relationships online.

Professionally-executed customer service activities are essential for any business to grow. Outsourcing them to the experts will give you peace of mind knowing your customers are very well taken care of, as well as space and time to focus on other key business activities.

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