Fb Pixel Customer Service Is About Cooperation

Customer Service Is About Cooperation



Are you a member of the Sesame Street generation? If you grew up with Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, and Grover as your Nanny, you’ll probably remember one of the valuable lessons they taught you—that cooperation is a very important part of life. And just as two heads are better than one, cooperating with our customers is actually one of the best ways of servicing their needs.

That’s right, customer service—whether via a call center or through face-to-face interaction is best done by working closely with you valued clients. Take the time to talk to them, to get to know what they want from your products, services, and most important, from your company. Notice how most of the top companies use social media to speak to their customers? Well, why not do so yourself?

Take the case of this up and coming computer shop owned by Ronald. Trying to carve his own place under the sun, he wondered how he can serve his customers better. Using the power of social media, he put the simple invitation out there: “Talk to us”. In no time, feedback came in from valued and potential clients. Soon enough, their voices were “heard” and those posts and ideas soon became realities—such as faster delivery times, a warranty system, and some of the latest products being made available, just to name a few. Now, his business has grown to serve more than a growing number of loyal and very satisfied clients.

Just as Flavio Martins, in his article “Customers Comes First in Customer Service”, points out, “The customer doesn’t want to know what it took to get his product there and he doesn’t want to hear excuses why his product and/or delivery were delayed. He ordered and expects delivery as promised, so he can go about his business without enduring any inconvenience whatsoever.”

Your business must likewise know what your clients want so you can give it to them in the best way possible. Partner with your clients, cooperate with them, and you’re sure to give them the best customer service possible.

So the next time you find yourself asking how you can improve your customer service experience, simply ask your clients. Cooperate with them—you’ll even make Ernie and Bert proud.