Fb Pixel Customer Service Strategy: Driving Sales with Customer Retention

Customer Service Strategy: Driving Sales While Keeping Customers Happy

Customer Service Strategy: Driving Sales While Keeping Customers Happy

Businesses lose customers because a) they gave a sloppy service; and b) they failed to delight. The key to keeping them is to connect regularly through your customer retention programs.

Keeping customers these days is becoming more important than ever. Despite all efforts to ensure they stay, you still hear stories about the most loyal customers going elsewhere. A bad service can turn away customers who generally look for a product or service that is backed by great customer support. The root of the problem often comes from the company’s inability to connect with them regularly.

There’s never been a better time than now to put together a meaningful customer retention program that starts with the end in mind.

Delighting decreases losing
Entrepreneurs and marketing executives know it is more expensive to win than to keep customers. Lost clients can be future buyers – people with a network of friends who might benefit from the products and services you offer.

If your brilliant marketing has acquired a significant number of customers, your creativity should crank into gear to keep them intact.

Be consistent. The sale does not stop once you acquire it. You need to be in touch with both new and existing customers through communications such as e-mail marketing, customer satisfaction surveys and printed newsletters. Share with them the latest happenings and upcoming offers. Social media has opened up a new avenue for staying connected 24/7. Make sure your brand is always-on, always top of mind.

Offer great deals. Many businesses promote themselves by considering seasons and celebrations. Thanksgiving might be a great time to raffle off a nice gadget for their continued patronage. In the summer, give them a free ice-cold beverage with every purchase of your product.

Build a database. Keep active and inactive records of your customers. If people left because your offers do not meet their needs, you may want to bring some of them back by promoting a new set of products.

Have a solid customer support team. Call centers are now playing a big role in keeping customers satisfied at all times. Clients are grateful that there are people on hand every time they call. Your inbound call center should be well-trained, ready to answer questions and more importantly, can up-sell.

Remember that client appreciation programs excite customers. It also makes them feel good about their decision in choosing you. Satisfied customers will talk about your product, winning you more customers through referrals or word of mouth. The key to keeping them is to connect with them always – understanding their needs, and what they can expect from you in the future. Today’s customers are smart enough to know if your business is doing everything it can to make them your no. 1 priority.