Fb Pixel Customer Service Techniques That Keep Clients Happy

Customer Service Techniques That Keep Clients Happy

Customer Service Techniques That Keep Clients Happy

Studies show that 79% of customers do not leave their message on voicemail to place an order. A 24/7 inbound call center can help.

A satisfied customer is a pat on the back for an outstanding customer service we all work hard for. Happy clients contribute to our company’s bottom-line and there is no doubt that they will continue buying from us.

Here are a few strategies we can apply in our current environment:

Be consistent

Every time we perform well, customers will obviously come back again and again. Businesses should set a high standard from the beginning and consistently strive to attain it. Same goes with customer service. If the agents are from an outsourced inbound call center, they have to adhere to the same standards set for your internal employees.

Listen and don’t pass around

Customers reach out to us because they have complaints. These may either be valid or trivial. Make your customers feel they are vital to your growth by listening to their issues and solving them as quickly as possible. Do not pass their call from one agent to another. This only aggravates their irritation. If this happens, give the customer an assurance that you are top of the situation and will be looking for the solution immediately.

Avoid making promises

There is nothing more annoying than a promise not fulfilled. Remember this cardinal rule: Do only what you can deliver. You keep the customers happy by providing them what is achievable from your end.

Keep an open communication

Technology should be to your advantage, not a logistical nightmare.

If your business has a web site, make sure you have a Contact Us form that is frequently monitored by one of your staff. As much as possible, you stay away from voicemail. Studies show that 79% of customers will not leave their message on voicemail especially if they are placing an order for a product or service. This is the reason why we have 24/7 call center support.

Our customers are our reason why we are in business. Our policies should encompass every customer touch point. Both our internal staff and the outsourced team should have a clear understanding of our customer service guidelines. We  have to be on the same page in making our customers happy.