Fb Pixel Did You Know That Customer Service Is A Team Effort?

Did You Know That Customer Service Is A Team Effort?

Did You Know That Customer Service Is A Team Effort?

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Are you a sports fan, particularly, a fan either of basketball, baseball, or even Formula One? Then you probably know that such sports, as the name suggests, aren’t merely a one-man show—a united and cohesive team is what wins games (and races in the case of F1). And just like basketball, your enterprise’s customer service efforts must likewise be a team effort.

Yes, you read that right: a team effort. As Flavio Martins of Customer Think blogs puts it, “Every employee plays an important role in fulfilling each customer’s needs”. So don’t think for even a second that customer service rests solely on the shoulders of your call center agents. On the contrary, they are merely your front liners—they are where it all starts.

Take the case of Martin, a real-estate executive who recently applied for a new credit card. While his application went smoothly with the bank’s telesales customer care agent, the problem began when his card seemed to take forever to be delivered to his home. After nearly a month of follow-ups, not even an envelope of hope appeared in his mailbox or knocked on his door.

In such cases, the attending customer service rep must coordinate closely with the credit card processing team. Once a phone call, email, or live chat session comes in via the customer contact center, this must immediately be sent to the proper authorities—in this case, the aforementioned card processing department. Once the application has been approved, the paperwork and other necessary information must then proceed to the delivery or courier service for immediate deployment to the waiting customer.

Of course, having the credit card delivered isn’t the end of the story. Another customer care officer can do a follow-up with the client to see if the card has already been delivered. In Martin’s woeful case, there seems to be a broken link somewhere along the way—the call center receives the calls but these seem to fall on deaf ears. Whether it is their fault or some other department’s shortcoming, something must definitely be done—pronto!

So the next time you check on how your company is serving your customers, make sure that everyone—and we mean EVERYONE—is doing their job, customer service team or not. Because just like that Formula One or NBA team, customer service (or winning the game) rests on everyone’s shoulders.