Fb Pixel Did You Know That Great Customer Service Brings Loyalty?

Nowadays, Great Customer Service Brings Loyalty

Nowadays, Great Customer Service Brings Loyalty


It’s no secret that a lot of businesses do all they can to attract new clients to patronize their products. Coming up with all sorts of promos, sales blitzes, new and innovative products, and catchy marketing taglines are just some of the ways many firms try to capture their audience. But what about the existing clients—are your sales promos and even your customer service efforts enough to keep them happy and coming back for more?

With so many players vying for clients in today’s marketplace, the risks of customers switching vendors if they feel that their existing service provider, automotive manufacturer, or appliance vendor are not giving them the kind of attention, much less, service they desire. Nadine Bourne of BusinessZone’s Business Services says that while 1 out of 5 clients is considered truly “loyal”, this figure (actually) makes up for 50% of a small business’ sales. So how do you keep clients loyal, you ask?

One good way is to make your presence felt. We’re not simply referring to the sales weekends many companies love to hold. These are great. But once the sale is made, will your company still be around for the all-important after-sales service and support?

Anything from a flat iron to a wrong-sized shirt can be returned due to faulty wiring or the aforementioned sizing issue, respectively. Make sure that your clients can find you as easily as they did when you were selling them the item. Being visible in such places as social media, having an email address that is checked regularly, and a 24/7 customer contact center wouldn’t be bad ideas to let people know you’re just around when they need and want you.

You may likewise want to remind your team (and yourself) how it is to be on the other side of the fence—being the customer. Remember how you felt when you were shopping for something, such as a bundle of holiday gifts? Or during those unfortunate times when you felt shortchanged? Doing so will definitely make you more sympathetic to their plight, not to mention their needs and wants. And why not offer things like loyalty rewards programs and the like? Let them feel that they mean the world to you by showing them some love!

So go ahead and give these moves a try. Who knows? Your customers might just be pleased, They’ll be coming back for more for the holiday season—and in the years to come. Happy, loyal clients!