Fb Pixel Did You Know That Not Picking Up is Bad Customer Service?

Did You Know That Not Picking Up Is Bad Customer Service?

Did You Know That Not Picking Up Is Bad Customer Service?


So there you are, enjoying an exciting basketball game. It’s the finals, with your favorite team up against their staunchest rival; it’s crunch time—the last ten seconds with the score tied. Suddenly, the cable single goes kaput!

Out of sheer anger and frustration, you quickly dial your cable operator’s customer service contact center hotline to check on and report the problem. But alas, their hotline number just keeps on ringing; your frustration and anger increases even more.

If you’ve ever found yourself in such a situation—where calling up the inbound call center service of your cable operator, cellphone service provider, or credit card company usually ends up in utter frustration due to an incessant ringing or busy tone, then maybe it’s time you did something about it—to your own clients, that is. It might be times to remind your own customer service call center team to pick up—or pack up.

As you can clearly see from the example above, a perennially ringing telephone line is a bad sign—it’s poor customer service. It doesn’t even need to be a basketball fan-who-missed-the-final-score type of caller to remind you of this. You don’t even need to have a desperate credit card holder who lost her card-caller to knock the reality into your system.

Even a simple product inquiry that wasn’t put through because no customer call center service rep picked up and answered the call is not good. Remember that your company isn’t the only one in town. Yet Mr. Smith called your service call center product hotline thinking that maybe, your firm is different—that it cares for its clients by simple things like answering the toll-free hotline, email, or social media channels promptly.

So prove your potential and loyal clients right that your growing enterprise does put its valued customers first before any huge profit. You can start by picking up and answering those customer service inquiry hotlines, social media call center channels, complaints handling live chat portals, and other venues that connect you to your clients.

It isn’t just a sign of excellent customer service; it’s good manners. And that’s what makes clients stay with you, no matter what.

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