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Do These, And They Will Come

Did you know that customers buy products and take advantage of services based mainly on their customer service experience?

While many may argue, most customers, especially the loyal ones, will never return to their favorite brand if they encounter crappy service. By the same token, they won’t hesitate to try a new brand (and return) if they feel comfortable with the service. So how can customer service agents keep customers coming back, you ask?

One way is to connect with your customers. Try to build a personal connection with your customer before talking business. Ask how they’re doing today, talk about family or whatnot. And it wouldn’t hurt to ask them how they’d use the product, if they bought it.

Another very important aspect of customer relations is winning a client’s trust. Let them feel that they can trust you. If they disclose a certain bad experience with a competitor brand, and ask you to keep it a secret, for instance, keep your word that it doesn’t leave that conversation. Remember that trust is the key to any successful relationship.

And if you’re dealing with a company, remember to deal with its representative and in many cases its telephone service agents from a call center, not with the entire company. While Stock Traders may avail of your service, keep in mind that Marga is the vital link between you and that business. So keep her happy, and you’re sure to have a long-term relationship—with the company, that is.

Remember, keep the clients happy, and they will come (hopefully, back for more).