Fb Pixel Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

It is said that you know Christmas is fast approaching when you start to hear Christmas Carols, see all sorts of colorful décor and Christmas trees all around, and feel the cooler air. And of course, you’ll really know it is Christmas when everyone starts spreading holiday cheer via gifts, and thoughtful greetings.

Yet have you asked yourself: How do I let my customers know it’s Christmas? Do I put up a huge Christmas tree at the store front? Does my company roll out that holiday promo?

While it’s uber-cool to do all these, you can, believe it or not, start to let people know it’s the season of happiness by reminding your customer service call center to dish out even warmer and fuzzier customer care.

While it would be nice to let customers hear a “Jingle Bell” or two when they call your call center contact center hotline, it would be best to keep those holiday tunes to a minimum—don’t make them (clients) wait, in other words. Moreover, tell your customer care call center (whether it is a help desk call center or order taking call center) reps to keep the talking to a minimum and listen to the client instead. This allows them to get to the customer’s concern and actually do something about it. Showing results can actually be the best holiday gift you can give your clients.

Want to let your customers know it’s Christmas? Put back the “care” in customer care.