Do You Know What Your Call Center Is Up To?

Top secretIt’s no secret that a lot of us want to be updated on things that are happening around us. We want our government to let us know what they’re up to—especially when it comes to spending our taxes.

Spouses, on the other hand, would want to know how each one is living their life. And the mere fact that we usually “browse” our friends’ status updates on Facebook shows our being suckers for information.

As a Small Business owner, getting as much information about your call center or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner is actually the way to go

Being your business partner, that BPO company must keep you up to speed on how their handling your business for you. This normally includes how many potential customers vis-à-vis the actual numbers of those who’ve signed on. This can likewise show how your clients are responding to your products and services. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if your inbound call center partner tell you how they’re treating your customers—the customer service “style” they’re using to woo (or heaven-forbid, drive away) your patrons.

Needless to say, keeping you informed on customer queries, requests, complaints, and even freebies given out are all part of the mix.

So go ahead and talk to your customer service call center partner. They might have good news for you.


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