As a student, we’re pretty sure you got sick and tired of being constantly reminded to “do your homework”. Everywhere you turn, your teachers and even dear old Mom would nag you to brush up on those lessons and get your homework done, even if there wasn’t any big test to prepare for.

Now that you’re in charge of your own business and your professional life, we are certain that you have likewise been told to “do your homework”. So what do you “study for” nowadays, you ask?

One of the things you should be checking out is your competition. No, you shouldn’t copy what they are doing, just as you were told not to copy from your seatmate. What you can do is see what the latest trends are, so you can keep abreast of the latest market landscape, or even stay ahead.

When looking to outsource, for instance, it would be wise to ask yourself if you’d need a customer contact center, and what particular services should you avail of.

Will you need purely voice-based inbound call center services, or will Live Chat be part of the mix? And how many telephone call center reps should you hire?

Only you can answer these questions. Before you do so, however, it’s best to “do your homework”. It can actually be the key to pass with flying colors.



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