Fb Pixel Forget Your Reservations About Tech—Ride the Wave of Change

Forget Your Reservations About Tech—Ride the Wave of Change

Forget Your Reservations About Tech—Ride the Wave of Change

reservations-call-center-live-chat-servicesIt’s about staying ahead of the game. This is the “battle cry” of many businesses today. And believe it or not, even the travel industry is singing the same tune.

Want proof? The folks at World Travel Market believe so, too, when they noted that, “With increasing pressure on making sales as efficiently and cheaply as possible, a lot of old-school face-to-face travel industry methodology has had to be shelved. “ In other words, technology is starting to rule the show when it comes to things like bookings and reservations services.

Yet all is not lost. If you really want to be competitive and still do things the traditional way, then why not let technology work for you? Combining tech systems and a good old reservations call center service is a fantastic move. How can you do this, you ask?

With travel sites scattered all across cyberspace, customers can now book their airline tickets at the click of a mouse. But it would also be an excellent idea to partner with such sites, maybe putting in place a “live assistant” button in the site, which users can click on should they have any questions or want to have the security when making their booking.

Then there is the now en vogue smartphone app. Take advantage of this by acting as a “confirmation service” which, as the name implies, verifies the client’s booking via the app, as well as checking to see if they have any concerns which the app cannot obviously help them with—such as a mixed-up seating arrangement or an upgrade to first class. Of course, let them know that a written email confirmation is on its way as you speak to them.

And why use the good old reservations voice service? Because around 60+ percent of clients wish for such a service, despite all the tech floating around. So don’t resist technology. Ride the wave of change and let it work for your customer reservations service.

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