Fb Pixel Get Back to Basics: Reservations 101 for the Holidays
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Taking customer bookings is no joke. Get just one detail wrong and the whole customer relationship could go south. Get things right and you could likewise be looking at many years of a satisfied customer’s patronage.

As if reservations services weren’t already hard work, this can become increasingly stressful during the busy holiday season. The “peak season” sees many hotels, restaurants, airlines, theme parks, and other hospitality players often faced with hordes of customers during this time of the year. So how can you and your staff keep your sanity and still manage to win clients during those heavy-traffic days and weeks?

Staying open 24/7 is a crucial part of the equation. Companies like Air Pacific know this and have even gone to the extent of outsourcing its telephone booking systems to meet the heavy demand and to serve its customers better. They know that they can likewise serve more clients in new markets like Suva, as well as continue to serve their existing market base. It’s all in the name of efficiency and better customer care.

The great thing about having a dedicated team of reservations call center services is that it is not only for the big companies. Even your budding travel agency can jump right in and avail of the various packages available for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). You can customize your plan or package according to customer volume, season, and the like. Peak seasons like Christmas often see more traffic, as mentioned earlier, so more agents can be added to the existing team. Moreover, you have a wide range of inbound and outbound services like the aforementioned reservations and bookings and also order taking, telemarketing — all of which can be done via the phone, email, live chat or other communication channels—even through social media, if you like.

Hey, the holidays are coming so it would be an excellent time to sign up for a reservations call center deal today. Then you will be more prepared to get all those reservations right—and ultimately, have a bunch of happy customers.


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