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How To Get More Backlinks For Your Website

How To Get More Backlinks For Your Website


backlinksWhen building the credibility and popularity of your website, one of the things that you need to give enough attention and effort is the so-called backlinking.

Backlinking, building link, or link building, is the process of inputting your hyperlinks on third party websites. When users clicked those hyperlinks, they will automatically be redirected to your website. Simply put, it establishes the connection between two websites. The more high-quality backlinks you get from trusted websites, the higher the credibility and popularity rating your site will get. It is a way in which search engines determine your site’s overall value.

Additionally, this technique allows users to navigate various pages on the internet. It usually helps them see the origin of the resource used.

So how do you achieve more backlinks?

Here’s what you need to know: building links is not a strategy that you could master. Over time, since the practice of SEO began, search engines continue to tweak something in their algorithm in order to create a better experience for their users. They also did this because they discovered that some individuals or organizations used black hat SEO or the negative and unclean use of SEO. This strategy is aimed at manipulating or confusing the algorithm of search engine pages in order to achieve a higher rank.

Apart from being unethical, this strategy has a downside. Google can penalize those who use this type of SEO. They can face the risk of being permanently forgotten or lost in search engine pages.

Because of that, SEO specialists strive to find out the best way of building links in a legal and ethical manner.

In this article, we have compiled the smart (and clean) ways of getting backlinks. We hope that these techniques can help you achieve higher rank in search engine result pages.

  1. Guest blogging.

    Guest blogging allows you to reach new audiences by creating and publishing contents on popular and reputable websites. Here, you can readily tap a set of existing audience who have already shown interest in the topic that you are writing about.

  2. Broken-link building.

    This is one of the most effective ways of getting backlinks. When you use this technique, all you have to do is to look for broken links — or links that no longer work — then contact the webmaster or website owner to inform him or her about it. Afterward, give the webmaster a list of links (which includes your website) that he could use to replace the broken link. Because you are the one who reported it to him (which favors him), your link is likely to be selected. Just remember to approach him or her in a friendly and concerned manner.

  3. Content promotion.

    Instead of relying alone on your SEO, promoting your content is also a good way to get lots of backlinks. A good way of doing this is by using email outreach wherein you are going to connect with influential bloggers who could repost your articles.

  4. Utilization of social media.

    Aside from posting your latest announcements, you can also use your social media accounts to post your content and promote it to your existing audience.

  5. Connecting with influencers.

    Building relationships with influencers in your industry is also an effective way of directing internet users to your website. Influencers usually have authorities in their respective fields, which means that the majority of their followers trusts or have confidence in what they are sharing.

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