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Get Personal—It’s Excellent Customer Service

Get Personal—It’s Excellent Customer Service


Have you ever felt like a mere “number”? More specifically, do you often feel like you’re simply being attended to simply because you’re part of the queue—whenever you have questions, concerns, or issues with your cable television service provider, for instance?
If this sounds familiar to you, then maybe you’re getting the raw end of the customer service stick. Obviously, the entity you’re dealing with doesn’t know one of the most important rules in dishing out customer service—treating every customer as if he’s the one and only client. More importantly, let this be your cue to do your best to avoid doing the same to your valued clients.

You can start by having a dedicated customer contact center to take care of your clientele. “Customer Service”, says Flavio Martins of Customer Think, “is about that ultimate contact between people”. This means that having a contact center is one of the best ways for you to effectively communicate with your customers and vice-versa.

And don’t simply have a one-channel contact center provider doing inbound calls; put in various tools and channels such as a dedicated option for inquiries, one for reservations, and another for issue escalation and problem resolution. Plus, you might want to throw in customer service channels like live chat, email and a social media page or two. Doing so can actually provide more ways for a client to reach you. And equally important, it allows your team to dish out that personalized service.

To better your personalized customer service, however, it would be an excellent idea to go the extra mile. Flavio Martins suggests doing callbacks when an issue requires it—when it cannot be resolved within the call or chat, for instance. More importantly, do the callback within a reasonable amount of time—before the end of the workday or within the timeframe you promised.

Speaking of promises, don’t simply callback for the sake of doing so, mind you. Fulfill your customer service promise. If you tell your client that you’ll have his or her new internet banking password once you call them back within an hour, have it ready so they can perform their banking transactions as soon as they receive your call—within that hour.

Remember that your clients are real people with real needs—and not merely numbers waiting on queue. Do this and you would have given the best customer service possible.


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