Fb Pixel Getting to Know Your Customers is the Way to Great Service

Getting to Know Your Customers is the Way to Great Service

Getting to Know Your Customers is the Way to Great Service

CopiiiWhen you enter into a relationship, they say, it is best to get to know the person. This is essential to help maintain a long-lasting friendship, marriage, or the like. And this “rule” actually applies to pretty much everything else in life—including the world of customer service.

Any successful business venture these days isn’t just about giving affordable products or the latest, most high-tech services. Clients know better—especially with the power of the Internet on their side. Nowadays, people demand that companies give them the best customer care there is.

“Shortest time to market no longer cuts it, nor does lowest cost. And excellent customer service is now expected,” says Curtis Bingham of ResourceNation. In other words, clients want to feel that you’re paying attention. One very excellent move you can make is to get to really know your customers.

You can start off with what your small to medium enterprise already has—a call center, email accounts, a website, and those social media pages. If you don’t have these yet, we suggest you consider setting them up because they can be your “eyes and ears” to see and hear what your valued clients have to say. They can actually go an even longer way than those sales figures and product purchase trends you love to keep track of.

Once you have your “senses” in place, listen to what your existing customers have to say. If their happy, ask them what makes them feel this way about your company, products, and services. If, on the other hand, they’re disgruntled, inquire, too, about what’s giving them grief. Either way, act on their plight and maintain or better still, improve on what they like.

While you’re at it, why not speak to your potential clientele as well. You can use their fresh perspective to bring new ideas and ultimately, new life into your offerings. Plus, it would be an excellent way to make them loyal clients as well.

So yes, great products still count. But just as you’d want to know that lady you met at a recent conference, it’s likewise time to get personal with your valued customers. It’s the way to awesome customer service.