Gift Giving Made Easy —Via Call Center

The holiday season is traditionally the season of giving—gift-giving. Many of us often find ourselves scrambling and searching far and wide to find the perfect gift for our parents, spouse, kids, siblings, and just about anyone who is special to us.

Believe it or not, your customer care contact center can lend a helping hand to ease the woes of shopping for gifts.

Whether you’re running a retail store, an online shop, or both, you can “sync” your inbound contact center channels with what’s on offer in your shops. This allows clients to inquire and get more info about the items they’re interested in getting—even via simple phone call, email, or Tweet. As if that’s not enticing enough, your order taking call center service can even take down and process their orders right there and then. No need to wait long hours at the check-out counter or even click endlessly on a  website’s shopping cart.

Think of this cool customer service call center service as a personal sales assistant—a virtual “salesperson”, if you will.

Who knows? Your clients might find your service so great they might even send you a gift this Christmas.



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