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Stay Ahead of the Pack By Giving Excellent Customer Service

Stay Ahead of the Pack By Giving Excellent Customer Service

stay-ahead-with-customer-serviceThe business world, especially in a “free” or capitalist economy such as the United States, can be described as a cut-throat, dog-eat-dog world. Competition is so stiff that many believe in the idea that in order to stay “alive”, one has to constantly find new and innovative ways to stay in business. While there’s no denying this strategy, nothing beats some age-old practices still work best—one of these being good old customer service.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, customer service. For the benefit of those folks who just tuned in to our blog, customer service—whether via storefront face-to-face interaction or through a call center service—essentially involves attending to every customer’s needs. This means simple things such as answering questions about cable television subscriptions to more complicated aspects such as cancelling a lost or stolen credit card as soon as possible. And in case you haven’t heard, neglecting to fix such issues is the main reason why many clients choose to switch cable TV providers, for instance.

Studies by State of Service Benchmarking have shown that “Over half of all businesses are completely neglecting contact from customers via email! This is primarily the reason that clients preferred to contact businesses by phone, and if your business is not answering calls with knowledgeable staff you are losing customer loyalty.” This may sound trivial to some people, but think about it: clients like John Ryan are trying to communicate either their desire to subscribe to your magazine or complain about how dirty the linens were at your hotel during their last stay. Yet your company keeps ignoring them. Wouldn’t you feel like “jumping ship”, too, if you were in their shoes?

Dishing out customer service needn’t be a study in Astrophysics. Simple things such as the aforementioned quick reply to emails, answering the customer care hotline as soon as it rings, or taking action on a client’s comment about dirty pillow cases is the way to go. As mentioned earlier, nearly half of all companies to tend to put customer service in the backseat—this is your chance to shine.

Want to survive the battleground otherwise known as the world of capitalism? Simply dish out top-quality customer service, even via your contact center channels—and you’re on your way to becoming one of the best businesses out there.