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Grace Under Pressure

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle brings with it a new found convenience that was once thought to be pure science fiction.

For instance, a customer from Sydney can shop online for a pair of shoes sold in the United States, without seeing the product, or even setting foot in the store that sells it.
Yet this lifestyle likewise has its downsides.

One of these is the pressure that comes with knowing that things can be done “in just one click”. People expect “instant results” and somehow, won’t seem to take “no” for an answer.

The same holds true for the ever-growing call center industry. Customers nowadays tend to demand more from the person on the other line, the customer service call center agents. So how can telephone reps handle such pressure?

First of all, they keep calm. Agents are trained not to be affected by a caller’s threats, rants or rage. It’s bad enough that they’re in a fit; they do not make it worse by joining them. Remember that cooler heads always yield better results.

Even if the agents don’t agree with the caller’s sentiments, they need to apologize for whatever inconvenience they’re experiencing, and sincerely promise to do their best to resolve the situation. Of course, this must be followed up with a resolution. If their “wishes” can’t be granted, they assure they can do all they could, and offer them the next best thing.

Customers are the lifeblood of any small and medium business. Not all of them are the same. While your company may not be able to do it all, agents that have grace under pressure during tough situations can go a long way in achieving genuine customer satisfaction.

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