Fb Pixel Here are a Couple of Rules for Better Customer Service

Some of Rules for Better Customer Service

basic-rulesWe all live by certain rules. Whether it be at home, at work, or on the road, such rules are there to try and keep order and harmony, not to mention avoid any confusion and anarchy whenever we just feel like doing something “stupid”. And believe it or not, even the world of customer service has a few simple rules to keep things in check—and customers happy.

Whether you’re a start-up online clothing store or a large sports and hobby chain, living and working by a set of rules will definitely help you dish out exceptional customer care.

Take your customer contact center, for instance. This business tool is actually the best place to get customer feedback—which is part of the first customer service rule: Companies need customer feedback.

The logic behind this rule is really quite simple: How can you serve your clients if you don’t know what they want? The best way to deal with Gilbert’s (a college basketball player) complaint is to know exactly what’s on his mind. Nowadays, it’s a cinch to get his misgivings about the deteriorating quality of the shoes he’s recently purchased. When he (Gilbert) calls up your call center hotline or posts a few rants on your Facebook page about the issue, take this constructively rather than defensively. Let your suppliers know about this so that the concern can be properly addressed as soon as possible.

Speaking of addressing the issue, it is understandable that doing so cannot be done overnight. While you’re trying to fix those shoes, why not give clients like Gilbert some “love”? As the folks at the Young Entrepreneur Council say, “You need to build love to (eventually) get forgiveness”.

Sure, folks like Gilbert may initially be pissed—they have a right to be as they didn’t get their money’s worth. Sending them free tokens, issuing a recall, or doing something out of the ordinary to make it up to them will eventually make them see that you’re trying your best to make amends. Needless to say, the best way to make it up to them is to eventually get your act together—sell better quality products, perhaps?

Yes, living and working by a few simple rules might seem a bit stiff at first. Give it time, however, and you’ll see that all this will pay off handsomely—just like the care you give to your customers. In the end, it’s the way to peace, harmony, and a great relationship with your valued patrons.

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