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The Magic Words Of Excellent Customer Service

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customer serviceCommunication is grounded on the words that we use, how we construct it, and how we deliver it. We also know that exceptional communication translates to outstanding customer service. That is because the words and phrases that we use are so powerful that it has the ability to guide or redirect our behavior towards either side: the negative or the positive.

Believe it or not, customer service — excellent customer service — likewise involves using a few “magic phrases or words” to win clients’ hearts. According to the folks at Entrepreneur.com, “there are certain ‘magic words’ that customers want to hear from you and your staff”. In other words, using such “keywords” can actually help win clients over.

So what can you say to warm your customers’ hearts? Here are some examples.

“How can I help you?”

One of the most common yet effective customer service phrases is “how can I help you?” The majority of customers who contacts a call center is looking for help. Whether it be a simple answer to a cable television plan inquiry or a more complex fix for a distorted and garbled signal, every client needs some sort of help. Allow your patrons to tell you what the problem is or what it is they need help with.

“I can solve that problem”

Speaking of problems, another magic phrase would be “I can solve the problem.” Never tell a customer that there is no solution to his or her problem because that is the last thing they want to hear. This reminds us of Alan, who called up his propane grille vendor’s customer care service center, to ask why the thing won’t heat up. Instead of getting the help he was seeking, he ended up blowing his top because the contact center rep informed him that he has to go down to the store to check the issue. This made him wonder what the call center’s “reason for being” was in the first place.

“I understand about your problem”

Using this will give your customers the assurance that you can give them the assistance that they need. Similarly, it will also make you seem more knowledgeable about the products or services that your company provides.

“I’ll be more happy to help you”

Saying this to customers show that you are willing to find out the solution to their problems. Through this, they can see how serious you are in going miles just to give them the solution. In return, it will enhance their experience and eventually become more satisfied with your service. Just make sure that when you say “you’ll be more happy to help,” they can hear or even feel the sense of excitement, willingness, or happiness in your voice.

“…for you”

Using these two words can make a huge difference. Why? Because it promotes social interaction between the customer service representative and the caller. It leaves a notion of personalization. Consider these two sentences:

  • “I’ll find out the solution.”
  • “I’ll find out the solution for you.”

While the first sentence can give the caller the assurance that the problem can be solved, the second sentence sounds more powerful.

Remember that the key takeaway here is the use of positive phrases at all times because it has the ability to elicit a favorable response or at least take the situation under control. The majority of your callers are already distressed and you won’t want to fuel their anger more by using negative words.

You see, words can either make or break you — both in real life and in the customer service realm. So be wise with what you say — it’s excellent customer care.