Honesty is Still the Best Customer Service Policy

Honesty is Still the Best Customer Service Policy

It’s no secret that honesty is the best policy. More often than not, people would appreciate it more if one were to tell the truth or admit one’s mistake, rather than sneak behind a lie and cover up a wrongdoing.

Believe it or not, the same principle holds true in the world of business.

Your business can set itself apart and win clients’ trust by being honest—even at the onset when customers call your inbound call centerhotline.

From a misspelled name to a mixed-up reservation, it is best to let the customer know that your phone agent made a mistake. Said customer call center agent can win a client’s trust by calling up the aggrieved party and letting them know about the mix up.

More importantly, you can make up for the mistake by trying to fix the mix-up, or offering the best possible solution to the botched job. Whatever it is, make sure that they’re okay with it.

And remember that even if a customer may get rightfully irritated and scold you for the mistake, this can only last so long. Once they’ve cooled down, they may just realize your honesty, and even find it cool.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Honesty (and admitting one’s mistake) are still tops.


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