Fb Pixel How Can You Pull Clients Via Customer Call Center?

How Can You Pull Clients Via Customer Call Center?

How Can You Pull Clients Via Customer Call Center?

inbound-call-center-servicesBig discounts, 3-day clearance sale events, rewards, rebates, attractive freebies—these are just some of the most creative ways used by quite a growing number of [small and medium sized, as well as large] businesses to attract customers so that they will patronize their products and services. These ideas somehow seem to work as anyone would want to get the best deal from a discount, right?

Beyond the nice stuff and freebies, however, your growing enterprise, along with your outsourced customer care call center partner, can actually employ more than a few simple, everyday techniques to help pull customers over to your side of the fence.

One very simple way is visibility. Each time you advertise in a community magazine or national newspaper, post your updates on Facebook or Twitter, and let the world know that you exist, do not forget to tell clients how and where they can reach you—post your contact details (email address, local numbers, toll-free, live chat), in other words. What good is a product if customers won’t know where to call for inquiries or orders? With more customers on the go, thanks to the convenience of devices such as tablets and smart phones, there is really no excuse for that. According to the latest eMarketer report, US consumers will spend $37.44 billion in 2013 on retail purchases made via these devices – up from $23.72 billion last year. Stores are becoming more accessible on the internet, making customers browse and research extensively to hunt for deals and do purchases.

Once clients reach your 24/7 inbound call center service toll-free hotline, email, web chat service, or even the aforementioned social media networks, always answer them promptly and with a friendly demeanor (with a smile to boot). A pleasant experience—whether shopping for shoes or whatnot—will always leave a lasting impression to existing customers. And this can work wonders in the long run—even bringing in more clients.

So go ahead and offer those discounts—with a warm smile and a contact number to boot.

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