Fb Pixel How Does Your Call Center Push Your Goods To The World?

How Does Your Call Center Push Your Goods To Consumers

How Does Your Call Center Push Your Goods To Consumers


Have you ever received a call from a Telemarketer? You know, those people who call up your telephone number selling everything from insurance to vacuum cleaners. While we’re at it, have you ever bought anything from them?

Believe it or not, these very same men and women are the folks that can help push your company’s products and services to the world. Yes, they are the very same people that make up your budding enterprise’s outbound call center service team.

You can actually think of these hardworking individuals as the modern day Avon Lady or Electrolux Man who goes from door to door selling their wares. This time, however, they make use of the customer service call center’s toll-free telephone hotlines, and other advanced tools.

But before you think that pushing your goods via contact center only makes use of telemarketers dialing phone numbers all day long, take a closer look at some of the other ways you can push a product to the world.


Campaign Management

That’s right, via a call center campaign. This is pretty much like the Telemarketing tactic, albeit trying to convince buyers via an advertising and sales campaign using tools like Facebook and other outsourced contact center channels.


Up Selling

Using various contact center service channels, this is direct selling that employs such enticing come-ons such as upgrading a product or service. Say you’re buying insurance, for instance. With upselling, your vendor will upgrade your insurance policy to the next higher plan at no extra cost. Think of it as “upsizing” that soda—via call center live chat, that is.


Loyalty Programs

This is the type of program where your customer care call center agent calls up clients to entice them with perks and other privileges—all because they’ve stayed loyal to your company all these years. It’s practically rewarding their loyalty, so to speak.

Companies that outsource sales keeps in touch with valued clients, because they know it is easier to keep a customer happy than acquiring a new one. Needless to say, a little push can go a long way in bringing customers to your side—telemarketing tactics included.