How Product Design And Development Enhance Customer Acquisition Rate (And Why Companies Should Outsource It)

How Product Design And Development Enhance Customer Acquisition Rate (And Why Companies Should Outsource It)


Product design and development is one of the most exciting phases in business operations because this is where an original, abstract idea slowly transforms to become a real and tangible product. Mechanical engineers usually take the lead in this phase, where they analyze, design, build, test, and refine an idea-turned-product, before manufacturing it for release on a bigger scale.

A well-executed product design and development process are critical to your product’s success in the market, and to your business’ strategic growth. Without the aid of professional mechanical engineers who are experienced in the product design and development process, you may end up wasting a lot of time, money, and energy that could’ve gone to your next product development strategy. But we know that as much as small business owners like you want to employ the best mechanical engineer available in the market, they come with very high price tags that many small businesses simply have no budget for.  

The best solution for these businesses is to outsource their product design and development to a mechanical engineering firm, or a BPO specializing in mechanical engineering services. In this way, the business owner can still gain the benefits of working with professional mechanical engineers without having to pour most of their financial capital into expensive labor costs.


Why is product design and development very important anyway?

Simply put, a professionally-handled product design and development process will not just increase your product’s potential success in the market by ensuring it is working as intended. Product design and development, particularly when outsourced, will also enhance your customer acquisition rate, and it does this in three ways:

  1. Lower operational costs mean the higher budget for your marketing Outsourcing your product design and development allows you to tap into the expertise of trained and professional mechanical engineers for a lesser cost. Outsourcing gives you considerable savings from not employing full-time mechanical engineers, as well as from not investing in their expensive computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) software and hardware equipment, and a whole set of tools. These savings can be channeled towards your business’ marketing and customer relations programs so you can plan and create more cost-effective marketing campaigns that will drive your customer acquisition rates lower.
  2. Greater focus on your customer When businesses try to do many things or everything by themselves, they run the risk of neglecting the most important factor in their business: their customer. Outsourcing your product design and development lets you focus on your customers’ needs and wants, which can help you in developing an effective direct response marketing campaign for the product your outsourced engineers are simultaneously drafting. This also results in higher productivity and efficiency for your business.
  3. Working with experienced mechanical engineers increases the level of product excellence From drafting services to prototype building and testing, outsourcing your product design and development to experienced mechanical engineers is a proven way to get high-quality results. When you delegate this very specialized task to those who know it best, you can be confident that fewer errors will be committed and fewer resources will be wasted. Your idea-turned-product will have a far better quality if you outsource it to the experts.

Outsourcing your product design and development will give your business more financial flexibility, the greater focus for your customers, and higher product quality, ultimately resulting in enhanced customer acquisition rates and continuous business’ growth.  

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