How Surviving in the Telemarketing Philippines Market For 18 Years Helped Magellan Solutions Blow Every Other Local Competition Out Of The Water

How Surviving in the Telemarketing Philippines Market For 18 Years Helped Magellan Solutions Blow Every Other Local Competition Out Of The Water

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Does 18 Years of Experience Helped Magellan Solutions to be the Best in Telemarketing Philippines?

Magellan Solutions will celebrate it’s 18th anniversary as one of the leading providers in telemarketing Philippines.


More SMEs trust us because of our seamless telemarketing campaign and cost-effective process. 


Besides that, we also have telemarketing experience working with various industries. These industries are:


  • Automotive 
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Education 
  • Food 
  • Government Agencies 
  • Healthcare 
  • Hospitality 
  • Insurance 
  • Legal 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Media and Communication 
  • Real Estate 
  • Retail/E-commerce 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Transportation, and Travel


These involvement with different sectors can be an advantage for any start-up business. It’s because we can apply what we learn from other companies that have the same industry as you.


Having a long background in telemarketing services also gives us an edge to work a customized process for your campaign.


We understand that competition of SMEs is actually fiercer than of Fortune 500 Companies. In fact, 99% of corporations in the US consist of small and medium businesses.


So, having a telemarketing campaign that applies to every business won’t work if you target to get as many customers as possible.


With that, let’s take a look at how a long track record is your trump card to a successful outbound telemarketing services Philippines

What is the Importance of Long Experience in Providing the Best Telemarketing Services in the Philippines?

When it comes to call center outsourcing Philippines, pricing is not our only advantage but the quality of the service as well. 


You can’t immediately get the best service quality unless you get tons of experience over a long period of time.


They say age comes wisdom. So, here are the reasons that you must outsource your telemarketing to an experienced call centre services Philippines.

Telemarketing Philippines Improve the Overall Revenue

You don’t get an improvement in your annual revenue just by going to the cheapest service out there. 


Most of the time, not investing in your call center service means you are not investing in your customers’ trust. A customer-centric company gains 60% more profit than companies that don’t focus on customers. 


That’s why focusing on the quality of your telemarketing service is more important than what you can save. Furthermore, companies outsourcing to a more experienced outsourced telemarketing company enjoys an additional 133% profit. 


Imagine how much you can gain when you outsource your service to Magellan Solutions? We offer a customer service focus in your telemarketing campaign. 


At the same time, our overall industry experience could give you more than what you ask for in your revenue!


One of the reasons why you can maximize your profit when outsourcing with a more experienced company is their expertise.


Expert Filipino telemarketers can improve the number of your sales-ready leads with up to 50%. Meaning your sales team no longer needs to make an extra effort to convince those leads. They can just do their normal sales pitching to these potential clients.


On top of that, you can also get a 33% decrease in the operations cost as you don’t have to go back and forth with your prospects. 


An expert telemarketing agent can persuade clients in a matter of one or two calls.

More Efficient Than an In-house Telemarketing Team

Some owners consider creating an In-house telemarketing team who they can improve in the future. Unfortunately, this is not an effective way to develop any start-up business.


The belief is that it is easier to manage a telemarketing campaign when you have full control over the team. 


But for it to be true, you need to study every aspect of telemarketing like lead sources, effective scripting, etc. You will have to exert time and effort in making things work on your own instead of focusing on the development of your product.


That’s why outsourcing to a third-party service provider gives you an additional 43% efficiency compared to an in-house telemarketing team.


On top of that, experienced telemarketing companies already have the tools and technology to start your campaign. There’s no need to invest in a CRM and computer for your own team since contact center services Philippines can provide it for you.

Long but Effective Telemarketing Process

Did you know that only 22% of companies with telemarketing campaigns reach out to their prospects on a weekly basis? 


Meaning SMEs do not make efforts in nurturing their consumers during the first contact.


Some of the reasons why they can’t make a follow-up contact is the lack of agents to do it. Start-up businesses don’t have the luxury to hire many Filipino telemarketers to work for them.


However, you actually don’t need a lot of outbound cold callers if you know which prospects you should make a follow up call. 


This is where an experienced telemarketing service provider can come in handy.


46% of telemarketing companies with well-planned lead management strategies have a sales team who can follow on more than 75% of the leads.


It takes time before you can convince your prospects to consider your product or service. 49% of business owners say their leads require a long cycle of nurturing.


Here are some of the processes that an experienced telemarketing company can give you to improve your profitability:

Lead Qualification in Telemarketing Philippines

The usual process of an inexperienced outbound telemarketing service provider is to perform a cold call to introduce your product. Once done, they will set an appointment with the sales team so they can further discuss the product.


Most outbound call center companies do this since they think the more they call prospects, the more chance you can lead a sales.


Unfortunately, this kind of strategy is not efficient for any start-up business. At the same, this wastes the time and effort of the sales team after they found out the customer is not interested in the product.


In order to get guaranteed sales, you must qualify which prospect shows interest towards your service. 


However, only 56% of telemarketing companies verify the leads first before passing it to the sales team. 


That’s why outsourcing your business to an experienced call center company will give you an edge when it comes to verifying leads.


They know the importance of having high quality leads. On top of that, they have certain qualifications to confirm whether the prospect has any interest in your product.

Nurturing Leads

After qualifying the leads, it is important that you make a follow-up call first before forwarding them to the sales team. 79% of marketing leads don’t convert to sales due to lack of nurture.


Even if a customer shows interest with the product, it is still necessary to have someone get back to them to ask for their feedback. 


Normally, prospects will search your product after the first contact and that’s the time that they’ll make up their mind. 


It is also a perfect opportunity to call them back because surely they have questions about the service which they don’t know during your first cold call.


By nurturing the leads you can get an increase of 22% in your sales closing rate. Moreover, there will be an additional 19% of your sales reps who will easily reach their quota.

Measuring the Right Telemarketing KPI

If you partner up with an inexperienced telemarketing company, chances are they will try to give as much data as they can. 


As a result, you will end up cramming which number to improve since you don’t know what area you should focus on.


Besides that, there are also 25% of telemarketing companies who don’t have data on their conversion rate. 


This is critical since you don’t know if their campaign for your company is effective or not due to lack of any numbers. 


There’s no way for you to decide if you’re getting more than what you paid for because they can only give you the number of prospects they can call.


Furthermore, only 35% of these telemarketing providers can measure your return of investment (ROI). The majority just don’t have the ability to tell you how long before you get your capital from outsourcing.


An experienced telemarketing service company can determine which key performance indicator should be your priority in outsourcing. 


Some companies like Magellan Solutions have experts that will ask you about your end-goal in outsourcing. Through this information, they can come up with an appropriate KPI to measure and achieve during your telemarketing campaign.


As a result, there’s an 83% chance that you will have a successful telemarketing campaign when you know what area of your business you should focus on.


Who are the Top Telemarketing Companies Philippines and How Long They’ve Been in Operation?


Philippines Outbound Call Center


Magellan Solutions

18 Years

E Call Center Philippines

13 Years


11 Years

We Live 2 Care

10+ Years

Unity Communications

10 Years

Digital Minds BPO

10 Years


10 Years

Hit Rate Solutions

10 Years


10 Years

TMJ Philippines BPO

8 Years


Based on the data above, the average years to be on top of telemarketing Philippines is at least 11 years. There are only 2 companies that went above this average rate.


First, let’s talk about Magellan Solutions. As stated MS celebrates it’s 18th year in the BPO industry.


There’s a lot of services MS can do aside from telemarketing. This makes them stand out among the list of top telemarketing providers.


Magellan Solutions offer inbound call center service and back-office solutions for small and medium enterprises. 


With the wide range of service we can offer plus experience in the outsourcing arena, any start up business can guarantee an improvement in their profitability.


Then there’s E Call Center Philippines which started their BPO operations in 2008. Their specialization is in the outbound call center service which includes telemarketing Philippines outbound service.


They have more than 150 seats which is enough to service small and medium businesses. But there’s not much we can say about them as their sole focus is on outbound telemarketing services Philippines.


So, if you want to maximize the potential of your business, then you might as well go to the best telemarketing call center Philippines.

Want to Partner Up with One of the Best B2B Lead Generation Companies in the Philippines?


If you are an SME looking to outsource your telemarketing service then go to Magellan Solutions. We have 18+ years of BPO experience with more than 100 clients all over the world. 


Here are some outbound telemarketing services that we have:



So aside from being a telemarketing destination, we are also the top telesales company Philippines.


Our Business Developers can help you in setting up your key performance indicators (KPI). KPIs will guide you and monitor the progress of your business with us.


We also offer guaranteed flexible pricing options based. Magellan Solutions understands that start-up business needs have limited funds in outsourcing services.


Our security is also world class because of different standard certifications. Magellan Solutions also has an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification. 


It ensures your company’s sensitive data is safe in our system. Our expert team provides security measures against phishing and data breach.

Contact us today and hire telemarketer Philippines. You will also get a free 60-minute business consultation. Please fill out the contact form below.


Contact us today for more information.