How to Avoid Sounding Like a Recording

Whether you admit it or not, we’re pretty sure it has happened to you. You dial a friend’s number, eagerly waiting for the other person to pick up. Once they do, you go on to share your wonderful experience – only to find out you’ve been speaking to a machine all along.

Unfortunately, in your excitement, you failed to recognize the “monologue” that’s common to most answering machine recordings. Despite the growing number of creative and funny recordings, there’s still a certain “monotony” about most of them.

The same holds true for a lot of live business answering services that many customer contact centers offer nowadays. In fact, it’s the telephone agents themselves that sound like a recording.

How can your telephone answering service call center avoid this pitfall, you ask?

First of all, answer the phone “naturally”. Once you’ve stated your initial greeting (spiel), pause awhile to allow the other party to say their piece.

Moreover, don’t go on to “perform your monologue” as if you’re a stage or movie actor stealing the limelight. While you’re at it, you might want to listen attentively to what the caller is saying so you can answer appropriately.

Remember that it’s about communication. And communication, as we’ve learned, is a two-way street where both parties give and take.

So the next time your Answering Service call center agent takes a call, remind them to communicate with their caller. The last thing they want is for the other person to “speak after the beep”.


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