How to Avoid Turning Mr. Nice Guy into Mr. Scrooge Amid the Holiday Madness

How to Avoid Turning Mr. Nice Guy into Mr. Scrooge Amid the Holiday Madness

The holiday season is often considered the merriest time of the year. Yet let’s face it: There are times when many of us can’t help but become Messrs. (or Mrs. Scrooges—just like the grumpy old man himself. A rude bank teller here, a slow-moving cashier that cannot seem to get her numbers right are just some things that make us grouchy. And let’s not even get started about the horrendous holiday traffic.

Before you get all excited and rant about holiday gripes, take comfort in the fact that you can actually help ease the tensions this coming holiday season. Help cool customers’ heads via your company’s Customer Service Call Center.

A good way to start is by answering your call center’s phone, email, Facebook post, or live chat promptly. Never let customers wait as this is what causes hot heads—especially when they’ve got an urgent concern.

Speaking of urgent concerns, deal with these matters as quickly as possible. Remind inbound call center service reps to resolve customer concerns as soon as possible and never give the excuse that “it’s the holiday season and no one is here to process your complaint”. If such cannot be avoided, get back to the client as soon as the first working day after the break—with a resolution.

Yes, the holidays are still the merriest and most festive time of year—Scrooges notwithstanding.

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