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How to solve your customer problems with inbound call center solutions

How to solve your customer problems with inbound call center solutions

contact centre solutions

contact centre solutions

Inbound call center services are meant to help your business retain customers by making sure that they stay happy with your brand and your products.

Here are some of the most common customer complaints and how you can solve them with customer care services.

The customer isn’t happy with the product

The product didn’t turn out to be what the customer wanted, or the customer is going through a tough episode of buyer’s remorse. Depending on the return and exchange policies or refund policies that your company must comply with, an agent can present the customer their options. They can decide to return it, have it exchanged or get their money back.

The customer doesn’t think that the product works the way it should

The customer has started using the product, only to find that it doesn’t quite deliver on what your company said it would. Whether there’s a discrepancy between the way the product was advertised or the customer’s expectations have been unrealistic, an agent can inform them that they can get a refund or have the item exchanged for another.

The product is defective

There are also cases when the product is truly defective, whether it was damaged during shipping or there were problems during manufacturing. In this case, the agent must be apologetic and offer to have the defective product exchanged for a working unit immediately. The agent can also arrange for the customer to receive a gift or freebie of some kind in coordination with customer service.

Product delivery is slow

The product delivery is overdue, and the customer has been waiting for it to arrive. In some cases, the product got lost during shipping. The call center must have access to a tracking system so that they can verify the product’s whereabouts and update the customer accordingly.

The customer received poor service

The customer received poor service from your bricks-and-mortar store. In this case, you and the management team of your service provider must make sure that all agents are trained sufficiently so that when the customer complained via phone or online, the issue will be handled well. You can also develop disciplinary procedures to address the behavior. Rotate staff to other more suitable roles as a last resort.

Outsourcing to a Philippine call center ensures that common customer complaints will be handled in an expert manner. The country is home to numerous service providers that have decades of industry insight and professional experience. Collaborating with them not only lets you leverage their expertise, but gives you access to a vast pool of highly trained agents. It lets you provide top of the line customer support without having to increase in-house staff or investing in new technology. More importantly, it helps you make sure that your customers are satisfied with the service quality they receive from your company, giving you an edge over the competition.

Make your customers happy. Outsourcing to a great call center is one way of doing that. Inquire about the call center services we offer.