I wanna be a Call Center Rock Star! – Part 2

Now it is up to you if you want to be “THE” Rock Star of the Call Center industry or be content as another erstwhile pop culture sensation – hot today, has-been tomorrow.

Here’s the second installment of the Call Center Rock Star.

Last time, we talked about

1) Documenting ideas;
2) Accepting change; and
3) Simplicity

Today we will focus on:

4) Continuous Learning;
5) Innovation; and
6) Being THE Change Agent

4. The Cutting Edge
Why be stuck in the learning-stone age when you can take advantage of all the learning resources around you?

The most successful rock stars are not afraid to experiment with new techniques to express their art.

Most call center professionals who are bored with their jobs get into trouble when they are not challenged with their jobs and if it does not offer them any advancement.

These people usually have to find ways to challenge themselves to keep them motivated.

If a person’s intellectual energies are not fully utilized, they tend to find the necessary stimulus elsewhere.

Continuous learning, whether through reading, training, or just plain experimenting with “cutting edge” techniques, will give them the opportunity to become an even more valuable resource to their call center.

5. Become an Innovator/Mentor
One thing holds true in the Rock World – you need to show something new to save you from becoming boring.

And what better way to take advantage of the experience, knowledge and skills you have acquired and developed from being in the call center industry for some time than by sharing your innovative ideas with other call center professionals.

Being an innovator offers benefits.

You learn new ways of looking at your ideas/concepts by explaining it to someone else.

You’ll increase your “follower” base within the call center.

You’ll be the candle, spreading the flame of your knowledge to the next wave.

6. Be a mover and a shaker
No one gets remembered for being “average.” You are either a very good rock star or a bad one (remember the infamous William Hung of American Idol?)

To be a mover/shaker, you must use the sum of your skills/experience/knowledge and be the catalyst in your call center, identifying the areas where they can make a positive difference.

Be sure to write down your ideas and start presenting them to the right people toward redesigning your career.

Be sure that you focus on the results and benefits you will deliver for the call center, and not using it as a venue to air your complaints and grievances.

And be sure to apply the WIIFM principle (What’s In It For Me) before presenting it. This way, the “powers that be” will more receptive to your proposal.

You have two choices in life: Change for the world or Change THE world.

Now it is up to you if you want to be “THE” Rock Star of the Call Center industry or be content as another erstwhile pop culture sensation – hot today, has-been tomorrow.


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