Fb Pixel Investing In Right People Translates Into Great Customer Experience

Investing In Right People Translates Into Great Customer Experience

Investing In Right People Translates Into Great Customer Experience

Attract the right people to get better customer service
Many business owners can tell you that you would need to invest in the right people or workers to help your business achieve what you want it to reach. This is oftentimes something that a lot of owners know but often forget to follow. However, it is high time that you take the chance to learn more about investments, the right people, and how your business is going to get a lot of benefits from them. Yes, it is true that an investment in the right people is an investment in providing great customer experience that will keep those customers loyal to your brand.

Think about all the great companies out there. Do you think they just go ahead and hire anybody who comes their way? Why do you think there are a lot of candidates and yet a lot go home in tears because they were not accepted by the company? Why do you think these companies take a lot of time in finding the right person (or people) for the job that they have? By simply reflecting on these questions, you may be able to find some answers that would shed some light on investing in the right people.

One really good example would be a call center in the Philippines. It may be a tech support call center service like Magellan Solutions or perhaps one that takes only inbound calls. Whatever kind of contact center it may be, take the time to observe the process that the people in human resources follow when finding people to employ. They take the time to go to schools and even have job fairs. They would find some city and try to find people to employ there. They also make these people go through a battery of tests and examinations so as to find out if those candidates are a good fit to what they are looking for.

By doing so, they are able to see if a candidate is what they are looking for or not. By checking and testing, they are able to take out the people that would not be doing much help to the company. These companies are looking for the right people to invest in. The truth is, when you find people to work for your company, it is essential that you have your criteria. These criteria would be your guide in finding who would be able to do the job well and who would be a really good addition to your company. Because the people you hire would be the people you would be investing in.

The importance of investing in the right people

Ask around. Ask entrepreneurs and professionals you know. Ask them what they invest in. For most of them, it is about investing in equipment and in other materials or items that they believe would help them bring them money. However, what they do not really understand is that there are also other factors that they usually do not focus on but would bring them money if they invested in it. One of that is investing in the right people.

Yes, that is correct. Investing in people will help you bring a lot of money especially if your business is focused on providing the great customer experience. This is one thing that a lot of business owners forget. The thing is, even if you are not really much into customer experience the right people will also help bring you and your business revenue. Think of it this way. Who would be the ones working on the things that you would not have time to do? Who would be the ones doing all the small things that you, as business owner, cannot really focus on? You own your business and thus you need to focus on the core tasks that are needed. Doing all other things like working on purchases and doing customer service should not be something that you would need to do especially if you have to oversee everything that is happening in your domain.

You would need employees and employees are people. Choose to go with the right ones and you would be all set. You would be spending for them so that they would do the job. This is your way of investing in them. Would you go and choose just about anybody who comes your way and who is looking for a job? You would not do that. You would always find someone who can do the tasks that are needed to be accomplished by someone in the position. This is the right person and you need to make sure that that person you chose would be happy to do what it is that you need them to finish.

The truth is, when employees are happy, you can expect them to do their jobs well. You cannot expect grumpy and unsatisfied employees to do their jobs like you would expect them to.

There is a story of this bank security guard who had been doing his job for a really long time and had done all that was asked of him. However, he was paid only a small salary. Time came when that person needed more money because of family emergencies. He was easily tempted by the money that was coming and going in the place that he worked. With that, he decided to rob the bank that he was working for.

That is the situation that you would most likely get if you choose not to invest well in the people that are working for you in providing the right customer experience. No, your employees would not be robbing your money literally but they would be robbing your company by providing lousy customer service. Lousy customer service drives those customers away and you would not want that.

Philippine call centers in general are quite competitive. They make sure that agents, supervisors and managers are paid well. In fact, the range of salaries is quite close and does not differ much. The only difference between these contact centers is the perks that come with the job. There are some which would offer their employees discounts with some stores. Some would provide free meals once a week or low gym memberships. There are others that would give free health insurance and medical care. And then there are those that allow their employees to be stock holders of the company. These are just a few of the perks and benefits given to contact center employees in the Philippines. A lot may say that this is quite extravagant for people who simply do customer service but it is an investment for the owners. By making these people happy and content with what they have, they are sure that their employees will be able to provide the best customer experience. This is why Philippine contact centers are making waves in this industry and why a lot of companies are choosing to outsource and invest here.

Choosing the right people to invest in

When it comes to finding and hiring the right people to invest in to help your business provide great customer experience, it is essential for you to know several things. One is just how many people do you really need for your business. How many people do you exactly need to man those lines? How much are you willing to spend on them? Also, what are the things that you would need them to do? What are the traits that you would like your employees to have?

By answering these questions, you would be well on your way towards finding the right people. Of course, this should take you a while. You can ask a few headhunters; they would be able to tell you that the whole process of finding just one person can take a long – if not arduous – time. It does not happen overnight. It does not happen in just a snap. You would have to go through piles of resumes and interviews first only to find that one person that meets and matches the qualifications of the role. Unless you do not care much about the results and just be able to hire one person, then go ahead and pull out any person you see on the street. However, that is not going to be a good decision and a good move.

Send the word out. It is important that people know that you are looking for someone to fill in a position in your company. By telling the world about it, your chances of being able to find the right person would be higher. Make sure that you also provide the important job descriptions as well as the tasks that would be handled so that people would know if they are a fit or not. Do not forget to include any qualifications that you may already have so as to handle any expectations. It would lessen the amount of individuals that you would have to go through.

When working on the resumes, make sure that you check out the important details. Some people may be lying on their resumes so spend a lot less time on this part. Of course, you can also start removing people which may not have the necessary educational attainment that your company needs. Other companies are very particular about the educational attainment of their employees while there are others that do not. Just make sure that when you go through those resumes, you focus only on the important matters that your company needs.
Here are other tips that you can keep in mind when you are on the task of finding the right individuals to man the lines for your company. This is customer experience that we are talking about so make sure that you do go with people who know customers and really know how to provide such. There are some individuals out there who are diamonds in the rough and may take some training for them to shine. So it is also essential that you are on the lookout for them.

• When doing the interview, it is essential that you are alert when it comes to the communication skills that the person you are interviewing has. There will be people who know how to answer your questions and there will be people who have this skill of being able to send the message across clearly. It is important in customer service that you know how to send out your message.
• It is also essential that you go with a person who knows how to listen. A lot of people hear your words but do not really listen. Watch out for that one. Those who know how to listen are going to be good for the position. See, customer experience is not a one-way street. You need to get your message across and you also need to listen to what the customer is trying to say. There will be customers who will say things but you need to read between the lines to really get to what he (or she) wants.
• Working in customer service is not a one-man deal. It is a team effort. So make sure that you find people who know how to work well with others. Team players are a great addition and they will definitely help bring better revenues for businesses.
• What does it take to be a leader? There are certain skills that make one a leader. Again, as cliché as it may be, it is said that leaders are born and not made. Yes, that is correct. So spot that person who may be a leader. Find one who knows how to lead. That would be a good addition to your company and these people who help inspire their fellow colleagues. Plus, leaders know how to make good decisions even in the face of pressure.
• The person you are looking for must also be willing to serve others. It is about helping the customer. Find one who knows how to do that and who is really willing to do that. Anyone can help people but it is all about doing it wholeheartedly.

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