Fb Pixel Is There a Rainbow After a Bad Customer Experience?

Is There a Rainbow After The Rain (Bad Customer Experience)?

Is There a Rainbow After The Rain (Bad Customer Experience)?

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This is probably one of the biggest nightmares for business owners – getting stuck in a situation where bad customer experience happens.Imagine a customer whose concern is about a recently purchased product, which turned out to be a defective unit. Customer immediately calls customer hotline and gets nothing but equally bad service. It turns out that the person is a popular figure who has thousands of followers. Boom! Message spreads across Twitter and Facebook and every social network in a matter of seconds. The next thing you know, people started reacting, re-sharing and re-tweeting. Then the business has to do damage control hoping it will not blow out of proportion.

Whether we like it or not, social media plays a significant and huge role in customer service and as a result, most of the time, it’s ‘make or break’ for companies on how they will take this challenge and recover from this unwanted ordeal. It is now convenient for customers to express their thoughts about a service or a product.

Bad situations can strike any business. And these situations trigger bad experiences. There are circumstances that are beyond our control however we perfectly plan out things. Even the world’s most successful companies are not spared from negative customers experiences. Inasmuch as business would love to provide the best for its customers, setbacks happen along the way.

Would this kill your business?

The cost of bad customer service and bad customer experience is apparently crucial. According to the folks at Call Center Helper, businesses lose money through poor customer experience. Customers who are disappointed as a result of a bad customer experience can cause damage and hurt your business in several ways. Not only are they least expected to continue to be your client, but they are likely to tell their friends or their social network about their bad experience as well – and causing you to lose the value you devoted in gaining that customer in the first place.

“Customers have a stronger influence on a business’s success than ever before and it’s surprising how many organizations still aren’t getting it right,” said Jonathan Gale, CEO, NewVoiceMedia. “Customer experience is a key differentiator. By doing it well, organizations can drive the customer acquisition, retention and efficiency that make leading companies successful.”

If damage has been done, there is no other plan of action but to recover, shake it off, and turn this nightmare into a new opportunity.
Have you had bad days with the customers? Here are a few ways on how to recover. These tips can help your business deal with these people who share their experiences on social media:

  • Address the complaint immediately
  • Identify the root of their complaint
  • Offer a resolution without delay
  • Take responsibility for their experience – Not every customer’s complaint is your fault. But it’s vital to take responsibility for whatever involvement you have had in the issue.
  • Offer an apology with sincerity – Make sure to express regret for the customer’s bad experience. Be earnest and real, and remain professional when you answer.
  • Provide a substantial resolution
  • Thank your customer! – Your gesture speaks a positive note that generates optimism and gratitude. Give them an awesome experience in the near future.
  • Offer a freebie – Is this bribing? No. This is just a way of showing them that you appreciate and value their opinions. This gives them assurance that they will never have this bad experience next time.

Customer relationships and customer service are vital to every business’ success. You need to establish and look after the relationships that are essential for your growth and expansion in the future. Always bear in mind that customers should be at the top of your priorities and you must exert a vast deal of effort to ensure that they stay happy and satisfied. On the other hand, as much as we want to prevent this thing from happening, it helps to have a plan of action because they do happen and they must be addressed. The good part is there are effective ways on how to control the damages it may generate and once and for all sustain a harmonious relationship between your business and your customers.