It’s Business, and a Bit Personal

You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s nothing personal, just business”. In fact, you may have used it once or twice yourself.

Did you know that a “strictly business” way of doing things may not necessarily be good for your business? Your growing Bread and Butter Goodies shop would do even better if you were to mix things up with a dab of customer service through an inbound call center. Why?

Wouldn’t the day be more pleasant, for instance, if you were to have a little chatter with Mrs. Wilson when she comes in to buy some baked bread for the family? And haven’t you noticed how Mr. Rettinger tends to order a few more pastries for his dinner whenever you discuss the previous night’s ball game?

Using channels such as your very own call center, for example, to establish good customer service can make a world of difference. For one thing, it can get clients interested in what you’re offering, as it makes them feel more at ease knowing that their dealing with a real, caring person, and not a cold-hearted bucket of bolts. Moreover, this same customer service call center can bring customers back for more of that friendly service. And they might just feel so at home with your service, they would even recommend your shop to family and friends (thanks to a warm and friendly order taking call center staff). Isn’t that a great way to advertise—for free?

So go ahead and flash that warm smile—and relate with your customers. Sometimes, getting a bit personal can be good for business.


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