Keeping in Touch With Customers In Today’s Small, Small World

Keeping in Touch With Customers In Today’s Small, Small World

There was this children’s song back in the day entitled it’s A Small World that speaks about how similar we all are, despite our differences in race, nationality, and the like. By the same token, it brings home the message of unity, and how “small” our world is, in spite of geographical distances.

If you really think about it, that song is very applicable today—at least as far as communication tools go. Technology has made it possible to keep in touch in many forms, even when one is “on the go”. Tools like Skype and Face Time (for Apple products) now enable two people to talk via live video, right on their mobile phones.

The customer service call center industry is no exception. Companies have goes beyond the traditional telephone service, mind you. Clients can now use their usual “everyday tech tools” they often utilize while on the web.

One such tool is Live Chat, usually offered by offshore call centers. Instant Messaging, website-based chat, and mobile apps are just some of the ways to “chat” with your customers. Now, your clients can ask questions and get info, just like as though they’re engaged in a friendly “online huddle” with their buddies.

Then there’s the Online Forum. Here, customers can get feedback from other people who have tried your product. Think of it as a “real world feedback system”, if you will.

Whichever way customers choose to communicate with you, just make sure you’re truly there to answer. Remember, it’s indeed a small, small world.


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