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Looking at Customer Service in a Different Angle

Looking at Customer Service in a Different Angle


If you have been following this blog, you probably read our last post that puts forth a suggestion to get to know your clients. Getting to know their gripes and their raves about your product or service allows you to dish out even better customer care.

But did you know that there are other bits of information that you could be asking in order to further your client relations efforts? Asking questions like “what product or service did Mrs. Smith purchase?” is great, as it lets you in on which of your wares are moving off the quickly and which tend to sit it out longer than you’d want.

Inquiring about what Mrs. Smith thinks and feels about the latest credit card she availed from you is even better, since this gives your company an insight on what could be improved and/or what customers appreciate. But perhaps the best way to get to know your clients is to get to know how they use your products in the first place. Confused? Take the said credit card that Mrs. Smith uses. Why not ask her how she uses it—is it solely to make purchases or does she likewise use it as an auto-debit card to pay the bills? How does she find each one as a separate service and do this work for her? Can there be anything that needs tweaking to improve the service? It’s seemingly simple questions such as these which can go a long way in helping you better your customer service.

If it still does not make sense to you, consider the example of Mr. Johnson who constantly complained that his microwave oven was pretty useless for his needs. When asked why, he said that he couldn’t use it make his favorite fried egg—claiming that is was supposed to be a “do-it-all” appliance. Valid complaint? We think not, too.

So don’t be shy to ask those questions that allow you to get personal with your clients. After all, how can you dish out excellent customer service if you don’t know your customer in the first place, right?

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