Make Guests Feel at Home with Reservations Customer Service

Make Guests Feel at Home with Reservations Customer Service


A sumptuous menu, a warm bed and first-rate amenities, a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape or seafront—these are just some of the “come-ons” that players in the hospitality industry use to make guests feel right at home.

While many hotels, travel lodges, restaurants and the like have ads that are indeed correct, your very own ski lodge could do better by including an extra amenity in the mix—customer service.

In fact, offering stellar customer service can begin with your business’ very own reservations customer call center. This means having a friendly call center service agent answer the phone, email, or Twitter and Facebook channels every time a guest tries to reach you through these multi-channels. Customer care for your mountain hideaway for example means attending to each and every guest’s needs in a timely manner. If they want extra mints on their pillow, give it to them. If they suddenly have a change of itinerary, do your best to accommodate their request.

Things like these can go a long way in making your valuable guests feel right at home—even if “home” is a thousand miles away. Of course, the snow and view are there to sweeten the vacation deal.

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