No One To Handle Your Incoming Orders? Outsource Order Taking Service Now

No One To Handle Your Incoming Orders? Outsource Order Taking Service Now


For businesses that are still working on developing their own self-service order taking portal, having professional order takers on board is crucial. But even if you already have a fully operational order taking service for your customers who prefer ordering by themselves, the presence of live order takers is still a valuable asset for your business, as it meets the need of your customers who prefer human interaction over digital, do-it-yourself channels.

If your business is struggling when it comes to properly handling incoming product orders, whether because of limited manpower, skills. time or all of the above, it may be time for you to consider outsourcing your order taking service to an inbound call center. Read on for the three compelling reasons why you ought to consider outsourcing your order taking service to an inbound call center today:

24/7 order taking service

Probably the most convincing point on this list, outsourcing your order taking service to an inbound call center is almost guaranteed to increase your sales and profits. By offering 24/7 order taking service, an inbound call center makes it possible for your business to continue earning even after your regular business hours are over. When your customers finally make the decision to purchase from you, you must make it easy for them to push through with their purchase. The best way to do this is to ensure an agent is ready to accept their call or message, no matter what time of day, or night. If you don’t want to miss an opportunity to build a client relationship and make a sale, then outsourcing an inbound call center is the strategy for you.

Competent order takers with sales knowledge and skills

Outsourcing your order taking service to an inbound call center also carries with it the benefit of working with qualified agents who are not only skilled order takers but also knowledgeable sales agents. These inbound call center agents undergo rigorous training on customer service, communication and sales before starting on the job. What this means for your business is a greater probability to hit your financial targets. When you have skilled order takers who are also adept in cross-selling, upselling and other sales techniques, your business stands a higher chance of earning more.

Dedicated, customer-centric and professional agents

 Last but not the least, outsourcing your order taking service to an inbound call center is sure to boost your customer satisfaction scores. When you outsource your order taking service to the professionals, your customers will feel more valued because you now have a team of customer-centric agents dedicated to the task of handling their product orders. When you or your staff were handling it, chances are, you were simultaneously performing your other important duties as well. Even if you are excellent multitaskers,  having a dedicated order taking staff gives lesser room for costly errors that could spell the end of your relationship with your customers.  

Remember that for every day that your customers are having a poor order taking service experience, you are losing their trust and their business. Don’t wait for all of them to switch to your competitors. Begin outsourcing your order taking service to an established inbound call center today and gain all these advantages!

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