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Nothing is Constant but Customer Service

change-is-constantThe Philosopher Heraclitus once said “The only thing constant in life is change”. He was obviously referring to how everything in our lives—even that ticking clock—is always on the move. But maybe, just maybe, he may have stumbled upon a stark reality in the world of customer care.

Yes, customer service: that same attention to clients that every businessperson should be mindful of. You see, the industry is changing. Heck, people and their tastes and needs are constantly evolving.

A good businessman must be on the lookout for this in order to stay afloat, or better yet, to be on top of the game. Electronics giant Best Buy, for instance, has realized this and has always made this part of their strategy. Case in point: Back in the 1980s, they focused on selling “Trinitron” TVs by Sony, VCRs and Beta-max video players/recorders, and other cool stuff at the time. Today, of course, cellphones, “smart TVs”, and other en vogue gadgets are stacked on those shelves.

Why has the product list changed, you ask? Obviously, this is what consumers want. And believe it or not, even the way your team responds to your clients must likewise be changing—just like Best Buy’s inventory.

Back in the day, the telephone seemed to be enough to accommodate inquires and the like. As more business opportunities arise, so do the types of customer contact services required to handle this business—now including order taking, reservations, and even answering services, with a human agent, to boot. And as technology and tastes change, so do the media—add social media, email and live chat to the run-of-the-mill services offered.

Of course, all these don’t mean anything if you don’t adapt and listen to what clients want. If more callers want to reach you via Facebook, then beef up that social media account, as well as the team tasked to handle it. It’s simply about changing with the times.

Okay, maybe Heraclitus may not have an idea of what customer service was at the time. But he sure was on to something. And hey, you’d be wise to listen to his advice.

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