Fb Pixel Order of the Day: Selling Via Home TV Shopping

Selling via Home TV Shopping

home-tv-shoppingUnless you’ve been hiding under your favorite rock for the past few decades, then we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Home TV Shopping. In case you haven’t Home TV Shopping, seen on such networks as Home Shopping Network, QVC, and Value Vision, is a venue where vendors can sell their wares and inventions—all of which can be seen and sold to millions of television viewers across the country or even the world. Such items are purchased by calling up a toll-free service where agents take down shoppers’ orders.

If you’re pondering on whether or not this would be a good way to let people know about your budding business, it could be worth considering. For one thing, millions of viewers tune in to these shows all the time—even during the wee hours of the night. Dave Dettman, founder of Mr. Product LLC, in his article on Entrepreneur.com, even agrees that “it’s not unheard of for an item to sell several thousand units in just a few minutes”.

If you do decide to go on air (your product, that is), it would be best to beef up that order taking contact center service. Yes, nothing can be more embarrassing than not being able to make that product readily available to awaiting customers after an enthusiastic host raves about its cool features and invites people to buy it “and get a free gift if they call within the next five minutes”. Give them a number to call, in other words.

While the Home Shopping Network may have its own customer service hotline where interested buyers can call in to order, having your own service assures you that potential buyers can reach you at any time–even if the network has already gone on to selling other wares from another vendor. Needless to say, having a friendly and efficient order taking team can go a long way in selling more goods.

So the next time you find yourself looking for ways to sell your goods, why not consider going on TV. With TV still being one of the most popular ways to be seen and heard, you may just find yourself with a huge smile once those orders start pouring in.