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STORY: Outsourcing Lead Generation in the Philippines

Calling prospective customers is one of the popular lead generation services in the Philippines

In our ultra fast-paced world where everything screams for immediate attention, capturing a person’s interest, nurturing it and channeling it effectively to grow your business, and doing the same process all over again, has proven to be a difficult yet one of the most rewarding activities.

What is scalable lead generation?

Lead generation has become a specialized service offered by call centers and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. It is a marketing process where the company initiates customer contact and captures the customer’s interest in their product offerings.

Traditional (but still effective) means of lead generation include cold calling, email marketing and trade shows. David T. Scott, author of the book The New Rules of Lead Generation, actually considers these as three of the most successful lead generation processes.

With technology at the forefront of business growth, as evidenced by businesses investing their resources in interactive websites and social media accounts, newer lead generation processes have emerged, such as search-engine marketing, social media advertising and display ads.

For entrepreneurs and companies looking to be in business for a long time, scalable lead generation is the way to go. This means that their lead generation processes can be adjusted depending on their changing business goals or priorities. The benefit of this scalability is it gives the company freedom or flexibility to focus on this particular process or on other business processes, as the need arises.

Having a full-time team of lead generation professionals can prove to be a challenge, especially for start-ups. Working on an already limited budget, the start-up will have to be resourceful to make sure these employees get paid; and in the long-term, makes scalability more challenging.

Why outsource scalable lead generation in the Philippines

There is a list of good reasons why companies based abroad are outsourcing cold calling in the Philippines. At the top of the list is cost-effectivity. They end up saving more of their company’s budget — Filipino BPO workers get paid much less than their Western counterparts — while being guaranteed of excellent customer service — Filipinos are recognized all over the world for their hospitality and customer-focus values.

Outsourcing also helps the companies in their scalability goals. Companies only hire lead generators (sometimes called appointment setters) when the need arises. This allows the company’s sales team to focus on their specific tasks or on the customers’ needs, which by themselves are challenging and time-consuming. Having a skilled team of lead generators can help the other employees be more productive in doing their job.

Tapping the pool of Filipino BPO workers, who are over 1 million in population, who speak excellent English, are highly educated, skilled and dedicated in their profession,is a solution that big companies make to decrease their overhead expenses while growing their business in more ways than one.

Where to outsource lead generation in Philippines

Call centers, BPOs and other back-end office solutions providers have included scalable lead generation as one of their services. Most of these companies can be found operating in the central business districts, namely, Makati City and Ortigas, Pasig City.

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