Outsourcing: What Does It Mean to You This Holiday Season?

Outsourcing: What Does It Mean to You This Holiday Season?

There are certain words that mean different things to different people.

A cabinet, for instance, can refer to the President’s team, while it may likewise be a place where you and I put our clothes and other knick-knacks.

“Apple”, on the other hand, almost always conjures images of the iPhone, MacBooks, and the iPad in anyone’s head. Or, it may just be the good ol’ fruit we likewise love to keep the doctor away.

But what about the term “outsourcing”? Do you realize it can have different roles for various businesses, especially this holiday season?

For an electronics store looking to sell more gadgets, an outsourced call center usually equates to either a customer contact center for inquires, a tech support call center for complaints or issues, or both.

A Bed and Breakfast Lodge often sees a reservations call center service as a channel for their guests to book and reserve a room for the holiday break.

Then there’s the Shop Around the Web online store that looks at an order taking call center as a way for their loyal patrons to get their goodies faster and more conveniently, beating the in-store madness that the season brings.

So, what can an inbound call center do to give you some holiday cheer?


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