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The Philippines as Home Care Call Center Capital

It’s no secret that the Philippines is at the forefront of voice services world-wide. This reputation has been earned through sound infrastructure, government support and a skilled workforce. This reputation also extends to the country’s home care call center services, which are top-notch and cost-efficient.

What makes the Philippines a hot spot for home care call centers? The answer lies with the country’s talent pool of nurses that qualify for health care call center agents.

1. Filipino call center agents are formally educated.

Nearly all employees of a Filipino call center have received a high level of formal education, having graduated from colleges or universities with four-year degrees. Those who render home care call center services in particular have a medical background of some kind, having gone to nursing school or worked as volunteers for public hospitals. This means that they have thorough knowledge of medical issues, as well as the ability to anticipate callers’ health concerns.

2. They speak fluent English.

The primary medium of instruction in the country’s schools is English, which Filipinos can speak fluently. Moreover, they can speak the language with a neutral accent. This makes it easy for them to converse with Western callers at length.

3. They are empathetic.

Filipino agents, especially those who have been to nursing school and have done volunteer work at public health care centers, have a tremendous capacity to empathize with sick patients. This can be comforting to callers who are in distress.

4. They are unfailingly polite.

The use of polite language is a cultural expectation in the Philippines, and this carries over to Filipinos’ work environment. As such, they can be trusted to remain polite even to the most irate callers.

5. They are grateful to have work.

There are now fewer work opportunities for nursing graduates both locally and abroad. Given the situation, Filipinos are relieved to find work that is at least related to their educational background. Moreover, many of them find that working for local home care call centers is a way to generate substantial income without having to leave their families.

6. Filipino nurses have good work ethic

Filipinos appreciate the job you give them. The people who work at call centers are hard-working. They are amenable to rotating shifts. Moreover, they are willing to sync their work schedule with the client’s time zone and national holidays.

All these qualities have turned the Philippines’ call center agents into a formidable force in the international outsourcing scene. A combination of cultural attributes, formal training, attitude and skill level makes them indispensable to medical organizations that want to provide the best home care call center services to patients in need.