Philippines Call Center Strive Even In The Pandemic

Philippines Call Center Strive Even In The Pandemic

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Philippines Call Center Strives in the Pandemic

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about Philippines Call Center Strives in the Pandemic

BPO Philippines is Resilient During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Outsourcing BPO Philippines Amidst the Pandemic


All the businesses seem to drown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet the global BPO industry in Asia continues to thrive.

BPO industry in the Philippines is the country’s biggest services export sector. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of new technologies in the BPO industry.


Asian Development Bank cited that 63% of BPO companies in the country are set to adopt 4IR. This is to boost productivity by more than 25% by 2025.

In fact, according to ADB:

“Companies deploying 4IR technologies were likely to recover. Faster from the disruptions caused by the pandemic. And be more resilient in the future.”


Employee reduction in every sector happened left and right due to the pandemic. Yet according to an online job portal, the BPO industry is the top hiring sector for 2020. added that active recruitment is from the BPO sector. With 23% hiring activity in 2020.


What to Expect in the Philippines Call Center Scene


Contact centers in the Philippines showed an impressive growth in this sector. Despite the country’s 100+ mil population. It overthrown India as the top BPO capital of the world since 2010.

Entrepreneur 2019 reports that the Philippines has 20% global call center market share. Which overtaken India and emerged as the world’s largest BPO destination. As well as an industry leader in contact center outsourcing.


The same report cited that 60% of all US companies use BPO services in the Philippines. These contact centers and other outsourcing services.

Despite the pandemic, the Philippines call center bounces back. Following strict health protocols imposed by the government. They keep the trust of their existing customers.

To deliver quality services even in a work from home setup. At the same time, this helped to implement new technologies. Innovation faster than projected before.


2021 Forecast to the Philippine Outsourcing Industry


By 2021, the BPO business is required to become much more with the guide of far off work and innovation. Per the 2021 Forrester prediction, businesses will double down on new technologies. Remote work will rise to 300%.

This is a feasible idea of the BPO business. Which DOLE seen its capability to help decrease the quantity of dislodged laborers.


Industry experts claim that the Philippines is in the best position to bounce back from the ill effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the Philippine outsourcing industry value proposition does not change. In fact, it was even more highlighted. That is to deliver quality services at a fraction of the price.


Call Center Outsourcing Philippines in Pasig


As one of the top business process outsourcing firms in Metro Manila, Magellan Solutions can definitely say that we are already adjusted to the new normal.

When the lockdowns started, the company was able to continue up to 80% business operations. Among our unique approach and solution towards health protocol includes:

  • Free staffing houses for employees
  • Daily staff house to office shuttle services
  • Sanitation stations equipped with UV light technologies
  • Work from home setup

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