Fb Pixel Phone’s Dead; Do We Call it a Day?

Phone’s Dead; Do We Call it a Day?

The telephone has become an indispensable part of life. From its humble beginnings as a simple “person to person” means of communication, to the now sophisticated “smarter-than-its-user” smartphone, Sir Alexander Graham-Bell’s revolutionary invention has made the world go round in more ways than one.

This is why many folks consider a “dead phone line” as a curse—a no-no, especially in today’s constantly-connected world. Despite the advent of such tools as social media and chat, people still find it more convenient to call each other, wherever they may be. And nowhere is this “dead phone” conundrum more unacceptable than the ever-growing call center world.  Indeed, the telephone can be considered as the lifeblood of any call center support; it’s like the air that we breathe. Without it, the business may very well cease to exist.

Yet all is not lost once your phone line goes dead. First of all, don’t panic. Don’t re-enact that “Y2K-Bug-Means-the-world’s-come-to-an-end” Dilbert episode. Instead, keep calm and report the problem. While you’re at it, make sure that there are no disconnected wires, as sometimes, the problem can be as simple as an unplugged telephone cable.

Once you’ve reported the problem, and are informed that it may take a while to fix, put those contingency plans in place. Inform clients that something’s wrong with the system via your website, Facebook page, or the like. You may likewise want to keep a closer eye on your other portals like email, Twitter, and Chat to make sure that you’re still connected with your customers.

Remember, life—and your contact center—goes on, even if your phone decides to take a breather.

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